Punitha, Nitha, Puni, Punz - WHATEVER!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Out Wid Smitz!

Hmmm... Smitha... a gal who came into ma life as ma best frenz sister n eventually became more impt to me den ma best fren himself... but we have been not contacting each other for some time due to ma school work and all.. so today i decided to call her n meet up... we planned to meet to go to de library... met Vic as well.. juz for a while.. he was on his way for dance practice.. n decided to juz meet me for a while.. it was nice to see ma babygirl after such a long time.. we went to de liarbry to read and get some books.. well i couldnt borrow books.. cos i have outstanding amt in ma acc n ma dad's acc.. smitz one was worst.. her balance was like..woah...... haha... but cos of her i cleared ma dad'z outstanding balance..so i gotta thank her.. i managed to get some books to read... so good la.. den we tried sitting down n readin in de top floor.. but we ended up being real tempted to go for some hot coccoa.. we ended up in delifrance.. sat n toked abt ma workin experience at starbucks.. den we walked to the ice skating ring.. boy.. freakin damn cold.. so we decided to check out de arcade.. which is like soooo damn borrowin now.. guess wat i applied for a part time job la.. hahahaa... we den walked to Popular book shop to get ma dad an album for some of his pictures.. and Smitz mom called us over to Jurong Point for dinner.. n i had to stuff down chicken la.. we went to eat Swensen'z.. afterwhich we went back.. simple day la..but... it is all worthwhile wid ma babe....