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Thursday, August 23, 2007

My awesome awesome weekend!

I started on this entry on the 14th... I have been so busy at work that i neba had a chance to complete it till now.. Sheesh....
Okie.. The beautiful weekend began with me, Vani, Gumz and Vj going to JB to get my beloved Neetha akka her fav Secret recepie cake on friday nite. We ended up reaching JB at almost 9 and thus had to rush thru our shopping and when we wanted to eat nothing was left. So Vj brought us near second link to eat seafood which was cheap yet yummy... We then hurried back to singapore as we wanted the cake to be "safe" in the fridge!
They designed the cake beautifully in my opinion given the fact they did it in like 10 mins...So sweet na?
I love you so much and i wish you all the happiness that god can give you!
It was real honour to be invited for the judiciary recreation club's annual D&D.. all thanks to my babe Vani.. She invited me as her guest as everyone workin in the Subordinate and Family court can bring 1 guest along... It was their D&D u see...
Back to our fore fathers' days!
Dun play play ah.. Marriott okay!
And the menu for the evening......
With her any night would be turned into an eventful one with so much of fun and laughter! Thanks babe for inviting me for the D&D.. I trully had so much of fun!!!
My pretty gal VaniShree.. Aka Denashree Aka Mrs Denash!
The fatty me.. Haiz..
Sheesh.. i look like some doll la.. Yikes!
Vani and her partner.. The oni one apart from Vani i knew on the table..
Let's go back in time...
Ooo La La La..
Vani represented our table for the Grand "scissors paper stone" contest... And she lost! haha.. The auntie was an expert la.. we all small fry ma!
Kumar, the drag queen. Shud call him the discriminator.. He discriminates everyone and everything!
I tried all the drinks they served that nite!
This picture is the best in all that we took...

The food...The 7 courses out of the 8 courses.. Okie we didnt take the dessert as we were engrossed in Kumar's stand-up comedy! Okie i noe most of you would be wondering why on earth we took these pictures of the food.. Okie our entire table was taking pictures of the food and so we did... Haha... Oki now drool!
The coldy Dishy!
Ma fav dish of the night..the prawny!
Shark's fin soupy!
Some mushy with tofy!

Immediatly after the dinner, we headed to Ashoka for our ladies night.. I have to admit, i have been clubbing onli like 6 times since i turned 18(all my life la), and this was the only time i totally let loose... i was having so much of fun.. So much of laughter and we just had so much of fun on the dance floor.. Thank gud lucks.. Tippu, the tamil playback singer came down and rendered some nice songs.. We were having so much of fun that i even danced with Maha for Paakaathey!.. I love the girls.. lets do it all over again!....

Poly buddies.. Cal and Ning.. Great company!
Vani vani and me me!
My fav girls..
My akka and me.. i noe i look more like the akka!
Vani Loves me.. I love her MORE!!!
One last shot with Maha before our last dance..

With just 5-6 hours of sleep... We got up at around 11am on Sunday morning after my small mum's umpteen attempts to get us up.. We were supposed to be going out for Neetha akka's birthday lunch... So we got ready.. Sithappa was trying to find a suitable place for all of us and made reservations at several places(it was sunday..duh) Finally we decided on Excelsior Hotel's Coleman's Cafe, which was having a local buffet and HSBC cardholders can dine 1 for 1...

The food was not exactly the best.. neither was the variety.. But the company was great... Ones again my sithappa proved how much he cared for us as we discussed some of the important thing pertaining to my sister and my future.. Check out some of the many pictures we took that day! Excelsior welcomes U!
I liked the light alot!
My first serving.. the baked chicken was sooo nice!
Buffet time!
The birthday gal with the parents..
The birthday gal.. and my beautiful sista!
Oi, look at the cam la!
The 1985s... A brother i love so very much!
Finally we got Gumz attention for a shot!
My second helping.. I noe the octupus looks a lil gooy.. but it tasted god!
Mummy's BOy!
Check out pasa malargal, part dunno wat!
One before we decided to stop eating..
The sibilings.. Headed by the BROTHER!
My fantastic family...
My two beautiful sisters.. Bugs me why i cant look pretty like dem!

Finally one with my sister, before we headed back home.. And with that my awesome weekend came to an end!

Whole again!

Another one of the many songs
i liked in my slightly younger days...
Like the lyrics.. I think it's about
the first love in our life...
"Whole Again"(Atomic Kittens)
If you see me walking down the street,
Staring at the sky and dragging my two feet,
You just pass me by,
It still makes me cry
but you can make me whole again
And if you see me with another man
laughing and joking doing what I can,
I won't put you down, 'cause I want you around,
'cause you can make me whole again.
Looking back on when we first met,
I can not escape and I can not forget,
Baby, you are the one You still turn me on,
You can make me whole again.
Time is laying heavy on my heart
Seems I've got too much of it since we've been apart,
My friends make me smile if only for while,
You can make me whole again.
For now I'll have to wait,
But, baby, if you change your mind
don't be too late,'cause I just can't go on,
It's already been too long,
But you can make me whole again.
Ooh, baby, you're the one,
You still turn me on,
But you can make me whole again.


Day in Day out..
I love my baby
No matter what...

Yaya boy... Puppy Lou... Velu puppy..


The weekend was so blissful with the heavy rain... I slept so well that i was feeling so fresh on Monday... Past Saturday's Dhil Dhil Manathil was very motivational for me... I have decided to thus go ahead and do what is right for me and what i have been not taking seriously in the past few years of my life. I have to do certain things if i wan the life i always dreamt of. Its gonna be hard at the beginning but am gonna go for it. I need the change. thank god Vani is gonna join hands with me in my venture.. Its not gonna be a venture actually its gonna be a journey.. A journey to a better me.. or shud i say a journey to a better us.. **wink**... All i can do now is pray to god to gimme the strength to get thru it and emerge as the person i always wanted to be!

Oh god... Please guide me.. Us... Thru this!
On the other hand.. work and school is getting hectic. I am finishing my degree in like 3 months... So all the dissertations, FYPs and all are kicking in... Work is hectic as the year is coming to a close. O levels is ard the corner and so is our moving to the temp school. Its getting very stressful with the high amt of paper works to be completed.. Haiz.. Thank god ma colleagues are very fun ppl to be ard.. And so my days go by faster... Well... That would be it for now.. Toodles...


With just a week break after exams, we were forced back to school.. But guess wat the lecture lasted only for an hour. So off we went in Michelle's lorry to Holland V for drinks and desserts. We ended up at Breko instead of the usual Tangoes. Gotta say the ambience is much cosier. Quiet a range of food and drinks too. Feza got excited at the range of teas they had! I had some mango lemonade and peach crepe. Not too bad...
Yingli who looks drunk.. All she had was Avacado Milk! Feza who looks so happy.. I noe why!
Michelle, Suet and myself!
I liked this cup alot!

When i collected the passports of my colleagues for the batam trip, i took note of their respective birthdays. 19th June was my boss's birthday and we planned a surprise party for her in our conf room. We prepared everything and locked ourselves up in the room.. My boss was called in in the name of a EAS meeting, only for her to step in and for us to sing the birthday song.. She was trully surprised as we wanted..

My mum cooked chicken curry and made boiled sausages while Rina made bee hoon, we bought some french loaf and drinks. Got the cake and a card for the boss.. Its was really fun planning a surprise birthday... All of us went back in time and became kids all over again.

The cake on the "grand stand"!
Faiz doing the honor of lighting the cake up!
My boss was giggling all the way till she blew the candles off.. That shud explain why the pic is blur!
There she goes again!
Finally all steady to cut the cake..

Mr Luey and Jasmine helping with the cake.
A groupie... i was taking the pic..
Another groupie.. this time with me in!
The yummy food.. It was trully yummmy..
My mum with Boss No. 2!

Mrs Bay, Dilhan, Bro Isk, Rina!
Jasmine Tay and Yong Chen!
Mr Ooi Sharing an interesting story with us.. Bro being attentive!
Yong Chen helping to finish up the cake...
Last but not least one with ma mummy!