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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sick and Weak!

Well.. Finally after days with fever, flu, stomach upset and terrible( and i mean terrible) vommitting... I am finally feeling myself again... Haiz... Okie no improvement where ma studies concerned.. more problems onli.. Dad n i fought again last nite and i cried again... Haiz.. I juz feel so sad... But whinnin abt it aint gonna help.. so i will juz stop tokin abt it here... But those of ya who trully care for me out there.. Pls.. Continue to pray for me..

Well... Last friday went to de temple wid Vani n her bf.. Crowded.. Saw familiar faces... Most imptly.. i went back to de temple i totally love and feel so comfortable at.. Mariamman temple.. All de thimithi preparations where going on.. and so temple flooded wid people.. but i managed to pray uninterupted and it felt gud.. I cudn't stay to see the ratham/chariot as i had to leave... but Vani saw it and said it was totally awesome...

I spend ma saturday at home and yeah that was de day i became sick... Vommitted that nite and went all weak.. and was sick all de way till like yesterday.. and today i am feelin orite..

Gonna go home and do ma cookies today.. well.. have not been maself these past few days that i kept postponing de cookies makin.. this yr deepavali is like so boring and glum... well.. hopefully it gets better as days go by... Planning to go to lil india, once again tomolo, probably de last time b4 deepavali to collect ma saree and get some last min stuff.. it will def get crowded end this week.. And on friday me and Vani going JB.. so yeap.. thats how life has been these few days and is gonna be like de next few days.. Hope urs wud be way much better!!! Take care all of ya!!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Early-Tired-Fun-Sad Day!

Well.. Yesterday was a very tiring day for me.. It started off juz physically tiring... Well.. It was the GCE O Levels Combine Science Practical Exams yesterday.. Being a technician.. and a chemistry based at that.. I had to be like at work by 6.15am to prepare some solutions.. So had to wake up like 5.30am.. and went to work like a zombie.. Pretty stressed by alot of things that happened.. Well i dun wanna tok abt it.. But it all ended well..

So i headed for ma final theory which was at 6.45pm @ SSDCL.. The test seemed relatively easier then the earlier one i took.. But sadly.. i failed again.. Now how demoralising is tat.. i took ma basic twice.. and now ma final thrice.. have i lost ma ability to study and memorise or understand... ever since i left poly?

But things got onto de brighter side, when i met Vani after ma test and when we headed down to Geylang Serai for like window shopping.. We walked, talked, laughed, ate and had fun.. been a long time since i met her... Actually oni a week la.. the last time i met her was last friday to watch Deuce Bigalo The European Gigglo.. (funny show..) We took some pics.. here they are...

I dunnoe why the pic became like this!

Well.. Ma mum used to say.. "when u laugh alot today.. U gotta cry hard tomorrow!".. But i didnt have to wait for another day to cry...

When i got home.. I got the news i dreaded to hear.. Oh.. btw..MDIS called me up again offering me the place again.. everything went smoothly.. i got ma gurantor ready and ma cousin Rajan was to be ma applicant.. infact today was the signing.. And guess wat happened.. Ma cousin had chesyt pain and was admitted in de hospital.. and the suspect an artery blockage.. so it was a minor myocardial infaction(heart attack).. Heaven can never be any more cruel to me... God opened the door once again for me.. and shut it so quickly.. I was shattered.. i gotta settle everything by 24th Oct..which is coming Monday.. I felt so devastated..(i am still feeling that) Ma dad was so hard on me.. he was like blaming me for everything.. How was i supposed to noe ma cousin wud have gotten sick like this at the very last min..??? I cudnt take it that i broke down.. Gudness.. first time in how many weeks or month.. I really cried like i lost something..

Yeah.. i am on the verge of losing another opportunity that was opened for me.. I feel like so i got no one to help me when i need help... Oni ma mum and Vani understand wat's happenin.. Ppl can say "juz another 6-8mths wait wat..Wats de rush?".. 6-8mths is very crucial while we're young.. i dun wanna go down 10yrs later.. when i sit and regret.. i shud have done it earlier.. u get wat i mean.. Some ppl got the money.. but they got no keen in studies.. but those who wan that education and dun have money.. gotta be like me.. hang in the air.. I am feelin pretty low.. I spoke to a family fren who have agreed to help.. but no promises again.. lets see.. if fate has anything planned out for me..

Gonna go to de temple today wid Vani.. I think i need to find some peace... alot of things are happening.. its so difficult to understand ppl and make them understand you.. So much that i have decided to give up.. If ppl dun wan themself to be understood so be it.. If ppl dun wanna understand me, so be it too.. I have always been the person running after ppl in fear of losing them.. But others neba seem to fear to lose me.. Juz cos they noe, i wud eventually run back to them.. well.. its time it changes.. Vani was saying yesterday... " Its time we dun be soooo nice to ppl!".. I agree... Wats the point when ppl juz dun wanna appreciate?I juz wish i can turn back time.. and wish that i neba met some.. I really do...

Looking on de brighter side.. Vani n I wud be baking at ma place tomolo.. and going to temple today, tomolo and sunday.. the pre thimithi(fire walking ceremon) events are on.. So we wanna go and see them.. We will be going over to JB next friday.. And to lil india one of these days.. So i hope the lord will show me the light, where ma education is concerned.. Seriously its not ma fault that ma family is poor..

If i have committed sins, Please forgive me and gimme a peace of mind and show me the light!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Virus.. ???

I dunnoe wat kinda new game this is.. TAG VIRUS!!!.. Got a shock when i read the taggie by Ain.. I thought it was some PC virus kinda thingey.. Gal.. U sure noe how to scare me!!!
Well... For the Seven of ya stated below.. try to do this on ya free time la.. kinda fun though!!Hehe!!!

7 Things That Will Scare Me
1. Roachez.. Yuck!!!
2. Lizardz... Another BIG YUCK!!!
3. Falling in Love
4. Having extremely high hopes on any guy!Cos eventually they will def Disappoint me!
5. Having a flu when i am out and i dun have tissue paper!
6. Preparing Nitric n Sulphuric acid!
7. Hindrence for ma future plans..eg: MONEY!!!
7 Things I Like The Most
1. Music!!!I live it and breathe it!!
2. Ma hp!
3. Ma PC or rather Laptop
4. Lately all de kneaded tops..
5. Seeing a dad with his baby.. so cute..
6. Pregant Women being pampered by their hubbies..
7. Daydreamin...
7 Most Important Things In My Room
1. TV
2. Bed
3. Laptop
4. Ma lousy yet very essential wardrobe!
5. Ma bolster, pillow and cushion
6. Ma collection of withered flowers, from frens
7. This pcs of blue shiny cloth. Alot of memories to it!
7 Random Facts About Me
1. I am the first child of ma dad's second wife...
2. Although ma love is music, ma passion is medicine!
3. I can get rather conscious abt maself and ppl ard me!
4. Frenz are the most impt for me apart from ma family
5. Totally independent when it comes to anything but love!
6. Very unhappy with ma own appearence..
7. I can adapt into most places... but i can't sleep easily in most places
7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1. Dr Punitha(Medical Doctor) or Miss/Mdm Punitha(teacher/lecturer)
2. Find that better half of mine (Mrs Don-noe-who)and produce the better duo of ours(Mummy).. hahaha!!!
3. Ensure ma sis has a stable and happy life!
4. To ensure ma parents live contented and happy without any constrains
5. Owe ma own house and Beetle!
6. To go ard this world when i am 50, hand in hand with ma better half..
7. Be prepared to die.. With no worries.. But Satisfaction...
7 Things I Can Do
1. I believe i can sing..
2. I have always had a strong liking for acting.. it was nurtured well in ma sec sch days.. but it stopped there!
3. Can talk on n on.. When i am being maself!!!
4.Put ma desires aside and prioritise ma family interest (thks to ma mum)
5.I can forgive, but neba forget!!
6. Cry cos of a dumb movie...
7. Can get real sacarstic when u get onto ma nerves..
7 Things I Can't Do
1. I can't draw.. ma art teacher made ma life a living hell durin ma lower sec days!
2. Be very patient.. It has got very lil limits..
3. Stand snobs.. So wat if ya got things i can oni dream of..?
4. Sleep early.. unless i am dead tired..
5. Accept failures easily.. i will eventually... but it takes alot!!!
6. Trust guyz easily..
7. Pronounce certain english words!Argh!!!

7 Words I Say The Most
1. Dun be an idiot!
2. Huh.?
3. Kadavulae!!!- Oh Ma God!!!
4. Can you shut up?
5. Moron!
6. I very sleepy la....
7. Murugaaaa....

7 Celeb Crushes
1. Vj!!! He is da best...
2.Adam Sandler!!!
3. Brian from BSB
4. The new guy, Arya.. Gorgeous
5. Surya.. In Gajini!
6. Will Smith
7. Ruben.. 2nd American Idol!!! Cute Cute Cute!!!
7 People I'll Love To See Doing This
1. Murni
2. Dimas
3. Debbie
5. Adel
6. Latha
7. Shandy



Well... i was supposed to treat ma sis to some gud dining..u noe as she did well for exams and all... Initial plan was to go to Marche.. But Vani called to say she can't make it.. (hope things r better babe!) So we decided to go to Cafe Cartel... Vj had been wanting to eat there... so we met him there... I thought that de payin system was some sort similar to Marche, where u eat and pay at the end.. Least was i aware it was the other way round!... And our fren(Vj), was paying for everything.. Eventually when he went to order de ice cream, i caught him payin... I felt so bad.. I think we wud have like eaten for like 60-70 bux... **Thanks For De Great Dinner Sweetz** Here are some pics we took... Enjoy... The Place
The Host.. Look more like de theif!Hehe!
The girl who got treated.. Ma baby sis and me.. She Has got a real radiant smile!
A Pair Of Monkeyz..
He is treating and yet he is drooling, seeing ma sis eat!
This guy is crazy, cute, funny.. and most imptly.... A very gud fren!!!
Ma baby sis.. with her radiant smile again!!!
The three bloated souls...Thanks Vj.. And I am proud of ya ma babygal!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Saturday Nite Fever!

Had a blasting gud time wid Vani, Parthivan n Vj last Saturday as we spend de evening down at town... Here's some pictures, that will speak for itself abt the fun we had!!!

Nitez out wid Cardiac babez!!!

Here's de much awaited.. very overdued pictures of ma cardiac angels outing on the 30th September... Sadly.. Ain, Murni n Fida cudnt make it.. But we had fun!!! Thanks Mis for de great dinner!!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Intelligent Devil

Well... My wonderful, bloodyful.. I mean Beautiful sister, did very well for very first exams in poly... She got a distinction, 2 Az, a B and a C.... Pretty gudie grades eh.. Ma sister wat... of cos la.. Smart like me!! Hehehehehe... okok...

Stop Being a Kiddo and start to look at things Maturedly.. No matter how much we argue and all.. I love ya sooooooooooooooooo de very very much.. Love Ya and I am SOOOOO Proud Of ya!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My Monday Nite Wid Ma Babez...

Well.. Last Nite Was Out Wid Ma Babez.. It was like a last min thingey.. On ma way to gym, i was conferencing with Mena n Vani.. and i was like persuading them to come meet me when i finish with gym... Though reluctant at first.. i managed to brainwash dem to come over.. So i got to de gym and got ready while still tokin to Vani.. Mena had to go off to eat as at 5.00 was de Sun eclipse and indians believe not to eat during that duration for some reason which apparently i dun noe..

So there i was running on de treadmil wid da earpiece attached to me.. tokin to vani.. Initially i cud still tok to her.. but as i increased ma speed i was silent.. and this pandi wid her mummy somemore.. were like disturbing me.. asking if i was breathless... haha... Well.. I think i ran in a very funny manner.. that at the end of de workout ma knee was hurting..

So after ma workout.. i walked down to PS, to meet Vani.. but de pandi was late.. ended up me walking ard Carrefour for like 1/2 hr.. when finally Madame arrived... So we some sorta like "buka puasa" @ the foodcourt.. We decided to go for desert as we wanted to go to lil india when Vj n Mena eventually come... She bought this Strawberry Kiss.. n i bought ma eva fav ice kachang la.. But u noe wat was de funny part.. Ma ice kachang had no kachang n her strawberry kiss for no reason had so much of it... So as we waited we did wat we do best.. whining n gossiping.. Den Vj came up when he knocked off from work.. so we were chattin and all.. when Mena called that she was oredi at DG Mrt Station.. So we walked down to de station...

Vj n i tapped our cards and got in while Vani n Mena were purchasin their standard tickets.. While waitin for dem.. We witnessed the most annoying yet amusing scene.. a whole punch of india nationalez..(not those who come ya to work, bt those who come here for holidays in this big grpiez) i think there were abt 50-70 of dem.. And there was juz 1 guide... and the were all entering in juz one gate..ONE gate.. Imagine all the other gates are not packed wid ppl or anything..empty.. but cos oni 1 guide was ard.. he had to tap the cards of all of them..Geez.. Such a mess.. we were luffing our heads off..

As we got to de platform.. Vj had an "urgent" call and was not able to go on to lil india wid us.. So it was our ladiez nite.. yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!!!... We had our long awaited dinner at Ananda Bhavan... and walked down to Deepavali Expo which was on opp Mohd Mustafaa... Nothing fantastic.. in fact most of the shops were not open yet... Same thing u see every yr.. after which.. we walked all de way down to Boon Keng.. From there Vani n I took a cab back.. Mena had a st bus back.. so we dropped her at de busstop and shared a cabbie.. first to Bishan n den to Ma place.. Oh well.. i had a hell of a gud time wid dem.. luffin n crackin each other up.. Below are some pics we took that nite!