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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mummy n godpa birthday!

So mummy darlz is 56.. called for a celebration and since dad had to be out for something.. My sis,myself nd Velan decided to go on without him.. (he don quite agree with the cake cutting custom!) Got her her favorite fruit topping cake and at 12 mn sharp we had a simple cake cutting for her. .Velu was the most excited person in the whole celebration.. And he got the biggest piece of cake too!

(Pardon me for the super dark pictures.. taken with my hp)

Mummy admiring her cake!
As i didnt one to rub in the fact that she is growing older.. I just lit 1 candle for her.. Mummy.. ur our 1 yr old baby!..
Check out the blowing the cake pose..
Velu me and ma mum! Sister darling... with mummy darling of cos!
THe next celebration that followed was for my godpa aka Vasu uncle! For him i decided to celebrate in SP where he was conducting rehersals for Samarpnam.. So he celebrated with the kids there.. He was super happy.. Pardon his pirate appearence.. He had just finished his eye operation then!

My dearest god pa!
His birthday cake with what he loves to work with.. His console!
Happy birthday!
The ching bang.. (A lil shaky though)
Aha.. finally.. a clear one!

Post birthday shopping and Vani's Pre-Birthday retreat..

Ever since both of us started working... Vani and i never had the chance to meet often, even for our respective birthdays.. So Vani called me out a few days after my birthday to give me my birthday present (See the nike bottle entry), and i wanted to do some window shopping too.. As i had to go to school that day to submit my assignments, we decided to head to IKEA at queensway!.. We had dinner, did window shopping, i bought some stuff for my house, we discuss so much about our future, had hotdogs and drinks and had a great time together!

The classic i like IKEA post! Vani with her hotdog and drink..
May our hotdoggies combine!
Frens forever!
Hiding behind the doggies!
Then we meet a day prior to her birthday for a birthday dinner and some shopping.. The silly girl treated me to Cafe Cartel.. Yeah i was broke as usual.. We had dinner, talked alot and waited even longer for a bloody cab!
The Drink!
The bread and butter.. Oh.. the chilli sauce which i got wrong.. It was supposed to be the chilli flakes!
The drink, the soup and the bread.. oh and the chilli sauce again!
Vani going sooooo high with the soup!
The soup that i didnt want to drink but wanted to post with!
My yummy chicken chop pasta!-
Vani's chicken lasagne..
And there she goes again!..
Thanks babe.. for saying those words when i was totally down with the lost..
Love ya sweetheart!

I love my family (1)

Yeap.. as i promised i started my entry on the very day of my promise.. As mentioned bef9ore i wanna start with the good things.. The fantatsic get together we had at my sinnamma's place in september.. My sis and i went over. It was a pot-luck cum get together so i cooked bee hoon... It involved only my family, my cousin amoy akka's family, my thambi mama's family and my sinnamma's family... Ammoy akka cooked, tau goreng with bagadel and nasi lemak, sinnamma cooked all her famous sambal's and my athai cooked pasta.. it was fantastic..

We didnt do this in the longest time.. Cos the grown up cousin's excluding my amoy akka and us.. Do not value family as much as the value money.. So we didnt have a chance to carry out this.. But we waited enough and decided to just go on with it without these ppl.. I think it would not have been fun with them..

We ate together.. all of us.. squeezing on to the table for 6.. laughing.. Vicky boy kept taking my bee hoon.. when everyone else disturbed me saying they are afraid to try my cooking.. (eventually they all tried and said it was good) Vicky boy always supported me in eveything.. (I miss u boy!). After dinner my sister and i were asked to sing a song.. So she sang oorusanam and i sang paartha muthal naalae.. Den i proposed playing paatukku paatu.. the older ppl (uncle's and aunties) were more interested to listen to us sing and didnt really participate.. So it was the battle of the cousins.. Neetha akka, amoy akka and i were in one team and Gumz, Parthiban annan, Vicky boy and Saravanan were in one team.. It was a moment of fun and laughter...
I had the best time with my extended family in the longest time.. I cant wait for more.. But this time i have to accept it with out Vicky boy!

My sis and i during the long train ride from Jurong to Pasir Ris!
The Boys team.. Gumutha wanted to be called boy!
My two aunties and Vishanthini!
Saras who was in both teams at one point of time or another!
My uncle and Kumar uncle laughing at us.. we were laughing the whole nite!
The star team.. we won eventually!
Another one of the losing team... Hahaha.
The last picture i took with Vicky boy! I love you!

I am back...

Yesh Yesh.. the cowebs are here... well.. Alot happened within the period of Sept to now.. So yes i will update.. I have started... And no i have not neglected my beloved blog. For the time being here's what you can expect in the next few days...
  • Get together at my aunts place (sept)
  • Vani's birthday retreat (sept)
  • mummy's and vasu uncles's birthday celebration(sept)
  • the whole vasantham start saga(oct)
  • Guna's birthday celebration(oct)
  • Union fame awards quater finals(oct)
  • Staff dinner(Nov)
  • Deepavali(Nov)
  • Ebi's win celebration (Nov)
  • A tribute to my dearest Vicky boy (this ones gonna be difficult.. but i am determined to do it! (Nov)
  • Lastly all the other updates about myself..

So yeah i have alot to do and i am started on it so just look out rite!.. So here is one last shot to keep you thinking of me till the next entry!

you love me! doncha?