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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Eventful Weekend!

well hi all... hmmm fri till sun.. alot of things happened.. it made me feel excited, happy, amused, disappointed, upset.. etc..etc... well whole of emotions there aye?.. well lets start wid friday.. de end of de week and 5days of work.. ma fridays had always been pretty borin.. so wanted to go catch a movie.. i knew Vani had her so called "Date" wid Max... so didnt wan ta disturb her.. i called Nava.. she told me she was gonna spend de evening wid her cousins so she cant join me.. ma sis had her dance prac n so tat was outta qn too..so i was thinkin abt juz goin all by maself to catch da show when Nava called me n told tat she wud join me wid her cousin Valli.. so our plan was ta go Jurong entertainment to catch Monster-In-Law.. 7.15 show.. but our darling n Valli took their own sweet time and oni arrived at ard 7.30pm.. haha.. actual;ly i wanted ta watch Madagascar!!! so eventually we had to settle for Madagascar.. BOi damn furni.. " i like ta move it.. move it..! U like to.... MOVE IT!!!" damn funny and entertainin.. afterwhich we hung ard for awhile.. did wat we do best.. Gossip!!! n headed home.. Saturday was the day i was looking forward ta all week.. it was our Sec sch Tamil gang + Frida gatherin.. haha.. we all met at Jurong East MRT Stn.. as usual i was late la.. but hey i had reasons.. ma Ezlink went missing.. how de heck cud i go out like tat? so we met n took de train down to City hall.. hungry n eagar for a great buffet.. when we reached Marina Sq.. bad news was waitin.. Seoul Garden has closed down there.. nearest wud be Bugis Junction!Arghhhhhhhhh... so we took a shuttle bus to City Hall n den took a train down.. boy we were like Sardine... but den we juz rushed to Seoul Garden...sigh.. Bad news again.. fully booked.. thks to a thupid tour guide who was braggin abt herself n yeah.. so de manager told us to leave our number with them n they wud call us once they gotta seat.. we cudnt take de hunger noo more.. so off we went to Starbux n juz had our drinks.. ( we really wanted to eat at seoul gardens la..) Lavania'z fren Renu joined us.. hey she's a sweet gal..n at 2 we went back.. we still had to wait.. so we juz went to take neoprints.. so de 2E4 gals along wid Renu took neoprint.. haha.. tat one was a joke la.. everything was in Japanese n we didnt now wat we were choosin.. after we choose one smary alec wud say "hey this mean that la".. haha.. but it was fun.. so eventually when we were heading back to de restraunt.. we got de call from de outlet tat we got a seat eventually.. or rather tables la.. so we paid n started.. our grand feast.. we started eatin at 2.30.. at 3.30 Lavania n Renu had ta leave.. cos they had to go to some sch to teach dance.. so sad.. ard 5+++ Faisal came to join us.. wow.. the thorn amg de roses aye... muHahah!!!so we ate n ate n ate till it was 5.45.. whewwwwwwwwwww.. tat was a solid 3hrs n 15mins.. gosh gosh gosh!!!we were bloated... so we decided to burn as much a we can by walkin from Bugis to Esplanade.. felt a lil better.. den we were there juz for a while la.. after which we headed back home.. Sunday was more of a home day.. i stayed at home de whole day..started well for me cos Dr Ruth Kam offered me a job but i didnt like de benefits she offered.,. n de pay was 200 bucks lesser den wat am earnin today! but it ended wid a bad note.. ma big big quarell wid ma sister.. haiz.. it got juz worst.. all started cos of me PC n it being attacked by trojans n viruses.. so i went to bed by 2am.. Monday..today.. am at work.. had to think of a way to turn down Dr Kamz offer.. so i juz did all ma stuff till lunch.... went to de bank wid mum duroing lunch and bought back KFC n after lunch finally set down to call her.. so here i am waiting for de clock to strike 4.30pm so tat i can head back home n get some sleep.. orite den.. if i come across anything interesting wud update it here aight!!!.. tata n take care all!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

R-E-M-O...Remo Remo....

hey ppl.. been quite week for me.. was so sick wid a temp running up as high as 39.3.. if this was the SARS period.. i wud probably be under qurantine...lucky me.. well.. went to see the doc..once again the poly.. now tat am a ministry staff i can claim ma medical expenses so i gotta see a gov doc.. i mean if i see a pvt doc i get oni a max of 10 bax back u see... aiyoz.. long story la.. 2 days mc was the end of that story.. ma first day mc was burnt at home.. all de medication and sleeping and being covered with ice dipped towels and all...day two started the same way.. but... it was PAY day....So as i promised i called Nava to make plans for our movie trip.. i had been reading up synopsis abt the move Anniyan.. n was very much in luv wid de Nokia song...so we decided to catch the show.. shuckz.. we were late by 5 mins la.. but i believe we didnt miss much...the movie is infact FANTABULOUS!!! i was amazed by vikramz acting for da first time in ma life.. gudness gracious...he really did de split personality thingey so darn well... n the costumes were like...woah... i gotta admit Nava n i were like droolin... the movie was kinda freaky too... both of us had nightmares.. but i didnt stop there... i called up ma anni n brainwashed her to go n watch it... this min while i am typing this away.. she wud probably be walking out of the theatre..hahaz.. okie..gotta go call her now... see ya guys all real soon aye...! tata!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Sunday started at ard 1pm for me.. thks to the tired nite i had on Saturday.. if u had read ma earlier entry u wud noe y... The great thing abt this Sunday was bro n family comin over!!! Which means ma darlin niece n anni were to be wid us too.. And they indeed came at ard 3 plus plus.. the rest of the day went smoothly... we celebrated daddy'z day for ma dad n bro n ma niece was de one who was all excited abt the cake.. she was tryin soo hard to blow the candles off... she was happily feeding her grandpa n dad.. we were watchin movie till 6.30 n den ma anni n i went to de room to get ready for Music Mantra.. Cos ma dad dun watch it so we had to watch it in our room.. At 7.30 it started and Movesh danced first.. So there he was.. ma darling "bestie"... Vic... dancing away like one loosu... THis weeks episode was like Movesh special cos 3/4 of de dances were by dem.. They danced for "thathai thathai","Sathikadi" and "Un Paarvai"... I felt like the steps they used for Sathikadi seem so familiar... Similar to EVO0206'z Theemthalakadi stepz..( I still luv dem!!!) Maybe i was seeing wrongly la..i dunno.. Den ma night was burnt tokin to anni n gumz.. off i went to bed onli at 3.. and darn it.. here i am at work.. Ma mummy took urgent leave n i cant take ani leave yet cos me juz started work... SO unfair.. but nvm.. gonna run back home de min i finish work at 3.30pm n spend all the time i can wid ma baby niece... So tata all!!!


My gudness... Last Saturday, was one i wud neba forget.. All started wid ma sister being asked to be a judge for a children singing contest.. My sis being the cracko who will die if she dun go for dance competitions.. had to go for one such show on Saturday nite.. So her oni alternate was to send me to replace her as a judge.. i am juz starting to bud in the field of singing n this idiot bullshited to the ladi tat i have judged alot of competition and all.. I agreed to go as i was offered a payment of 60 bucks..i Was darn broke so i had to take it.. So off i went there, Nee Soon East CC.. (yeah yeah the one where Explosion nitez takes place) The lady told me to be there by 6.30..gudness gracious.. everyone there were manjanz.. and ma mum n i were the oni indianz( luckily i brought ma mum wid me) The other judge came in at almost 7 and handed me a list of the competitors and the songs they wud be singing.. That was when reality struck me!!! The entire list had onli chinese names and except for 2 de rest were all singing mandrin songs!!! I didnt noe if i shud luff or cry.. I mean i was like wat am i doing at a Chinese singing competition, n morever as a judge..??? All ma had to do was Luff...When the MC announced ma name n introduced me as a judge.,. the entire manjan population was blur n confused.. probably thinking wat is this indian doinker doin in here!!! i had to judge them solely on the way they were singing, voice quality n presentation as i cud note make out wat they were singing n if they were prounoncing well and all.. but honestly some of the kids were real gud.. i waz amazed by one particular girl who was so gud that she was singing in a very high key but was real smooth and sounded beautiful... Den when the competition ended we were brought to another room to calculate results and after a lil discussion and all we concluded the top 3 winners... I was like waiting to get out of de place when one of the CC members invited us, the judges over for a 10 course dinner... hahahaha!! power bang bang... I told dem i got ma mum wid me n asked if she cud join us and they were den happi to have her wid us.. so there i was happily eating as i was soooo hungry... They served the yummy cold dish which had ma fav prawns wid mayanoise, the prawn wraps wid salad, steamed fish, ginseng chicken, deep fried prawns in spicy mango sauce, vege stirfried wid different types of mushieroomiez.. and the pandi wid de roti la.. which i didnt eat of cos.. den de last dish was the desert which was yam paste and the white white thingey n lotus seeds.. darn gud.. ma mum n i were bloated... i was given ma money in the mid of the dinner... so i was glad it ended and i got ma money n a gud meal... So off me mum n i left.. for HOME SWEET HOME... for a great nap after a great dinner!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bloggin... Ma Opinion!

Well.. lately when i come across alot of blogs...i realise ppl mentioning how dumb it is to pen down or rather type down the happenings of ones life... To me, bloggin is like n modern diary.. an online one.. where i get to choose wat i wanna write tat day.. where i get to pour out wat i got in ma mind.. Ma life is an open book.. I give ppl de rights to know how i lead ma life.. So for those who dun like the idea... Dun bother to click on ma blog link eva again!!! Simple as tat!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Turmoil Weekend...

Tuesday i saw him... i taut i will not again.. Came Saturday, my singing competiton after long... I was the first contestant singing in the Solo category... sang Shenbagamae... for duet i sang oru kili wid Monica.. i was so down n all.. he didnt wanna tok to me... we would look at each other den juz turn away.. this was going on the whole evening... The show ended and i didnt noe if i shud g up to him or something.. i was afraid he might scream at me or juz walk away if i were to go up to him and tok to him...I smsed him.. cold replies.. called him.. was very cold... i dunno wat am i doing... but all i need now is to tok to him.. Was out wid anni on sunday and was wonderin if i shud go meet him.. but i juz didnt... gudness.. i wonder hw long this gonna go on.. sheesh!!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Love I Never Loved.. yet.....

I neba loved him.. i neba did.. i liked him alot though.. i neba felt the pain when i called it off... but when i saw him for the first time ever since it was over.. y?..y did i felt a pain? y did i felt an unknown, unexplainable lost and disturbance? y?... y is it that i wanna noe so bad if he ever loved me trully or not? I can't understand myself!.. He was a love i neba loved.. yet y this turmoil in ma heart???