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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Love Story

hey all... been a real long since i last added somethin in here... well.. alot has happened within this period of time.. I taut i cud fall in love again... i told ma self i cud.. gave maself a chance and committed maself into a relationship after all these yrs of ma life... ma first bf.. dreams dreams and more dreams.. i dreamt so much abt how ma love life was gonna be.. how ma relationship was gonna be like.. though i believe in dreams and that they do come true.. i also believe that some dreams are meant to be juz dreams... i guess ma dreams abt this relationship thingey was meant to be of such...All i knew was i neba loved him... i neba did.. i taut i cud.. all ma life, i had loved those(2 of dem that is) who dun love me de way i loved dem.. when a guy was expressin his love for me and tellin me abt how i was always makin him feel better and all... made me think maybe love is not juz abt loving afterall, but its abt being loved... I gave him a chance.. or rather gave maself a chance.. The relationship that started with so much of promises and trust was not as promising as it seemed... To be frank i didn't feel de excitment any girl wud feel when she gets her first bf.. Vani understood that.. (ma super nanbi indeed).. i went thru it hoping i wud love him eventually..(dumb! i noe!)

Well... love was one thing that i first felt for this guy when i was Sec 2.. it was love ppl!!! i noe it... haha.. y am emphasizing this is cos some wud say sec 2 is when we are not matured to realise true love.. but i felt love for the first time for him.. but wat i got in return was rejection! It took me 6 yrs to get over him when this wonderful guy came into ma life.. how and y i fell for him.. till today i really dun noe.. after him.. no one crossed ma mind.. when he told me tat all he got for me is frenship, i appreciated it and life went on... Then this guy came into ma life.. first a co-artist, den a sms pal.. this went on and he expressed his feelings for me.. i told him i dun see things his way... but as days went on.. he kept telling me things no one told me.. showering me with attention that no one did... Which was when i gave in hoping i wud see him the way he saw me, one fine day... But it was not wat i taut it was.. so today i have put him behind me and amd crusin on in ma life as i was b4.. some things are not the same and neba will be.. but i am glad i am moving on smoothly.. Love, i realised is juz something that we should learn how to manipulate or.. it would manipulate u n ur life and make it as devastating as possible...!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Be Cool

Well well.. had a great time after a real long time... going for a movie wid gumz, Vani, Smitz and Kesu.. is fun n more fun.... we caught Be Cool today.. farnie show.. really... esp that skinny nigger who is some singer it seemz... and de ROCK... a character which is like so opposite him.. but u can expect his ever famous "people's eyebrow"... John Travolta... not ma fav actor.. but de way he is in de movie is really cool.. no crisis compromises his coolness.. Christina Millan.. wonderful voice but cant sing.. and de two gals who wud attempt to sing Moulin Rouge.. geez.. i seriously had a great time luffin.. alot of crazy funny scenez.. go catch de show n u would agree too... see ya.... !!!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Woman Defining Love!!!

Hey all... Look Whose Back... haha... yeah... been going thru loadz of thinkin lately.. thinkin abt wat i wan out of life and how i wan things to turn out to be.. thinkin abt the way i am.. if i shud change ma self for anything or anyone... Ma biggest setbackz.. thinking thinkin thinkin... though i have been in love... i was neba able to see maself as a gf of someone.. being in his arm..huggin him or embracin him...(whoever it was, it is or is gonna be) till today i cant figure out why... but then for de first time in ma life i gave myself that chance... but now am wondering if i did de right thing... okie am not being a feminist here.. but wat exactly does this specie known as MEN wan out of us..? A couple of making out.. loads of kissing... possible see ya gal nude... and if she permits (sometimes even f she don permit) go to de extreme in de name of love... but do u all know wat a gal wans? Security... Sincereity... Appreciation... Acknowledgement.... and simply ur love and attention.. alot to ask? U see gals whine n nag and complain.. but have u all ever asked urself y she does all this..? y she complains when u dun call? why she nags abt ya bad habits and whines abt how u dun give enuff attention... ? Cant u see how ur every move or actions affect her in so many wayz.. that is how much u mean to her... if a girls is least bothered she wun give 2 tootz abt where de F*ck u are and wat de F*ck u are doin... she wud juz go wid de flow and put ya behind her within mins...Start thinkin out of de box... Dun see things superficially and conclude that ur gal knows onli how to be an irritant and appreciate her for they way she takes ya seriously and how u mean so much to her... See u guyz ard again....