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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Its de time of de year where we throw away the unwanted past and move on towards our awaiting future.. We may have seen the worst.. or the best in 2005... Wat ever it is.. Let's all hope and pray that 2006 is gonna be an excellent year for all..

I would like to wish all ma frens who got engaged or married in 2005 all de best in this new journey in their life.. Those of ya who had a new addition in de family.. hope ya new addition brought ya all de joy in de world..

At this point of time.. i wanna thank all the wonderful ppl who have simply made this year a great one for me...Thanks for sharing my pains and joyz.. I appreciate all of ya alot.. To mention a few...

-Vic and his mum n dad
-Vasu Uncle n Family(ma second home)
-Ma 7 Cardiac gals
-Alli Akka
- and most imptly.. ma one n onli family...

If i didnt mention any names... i am soo sorry okie.. U guys still mean so much to me okiez!!!

Life has been smooth sailing in 2005 although i faced loads of difficulties and i went thru a major change of entering the U... Working life was oso a lil new... I started on ma driving.. I entered and exited ma first relationship sadly wid a moron... I earned ma first thousand bux.. Yeah.. that shud be it... Pretty eventful year.. hopefully 2006 wud be juz as eventful.. in de gud way of cos...


Happy New Year All...... Have a Fantabulous Year All... And I Love Ya All So Very Much...!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


This one is specially for Feza.. Check out how "high" she looks.. Hmm okie point to note.. she didnt even sip a inky winky bit of alcohol.. hehehehe!!!An on the hand.. Yingli our biggest alcohol consumer.. looks pretty orite.. but a bit too pinki eh!

Tis De Season To Be Jolly..

I had one of the most fantastic weekend.. Friday.. ma lecturer decided to let us off as she had completed de module and as it was the christmas weekend... So me and ma fantastic clique.. Who are making ma U life so fantastic.. decided to go to holland v for a drink.. and as Janet drives.. Off we went to Tangos... Where it all happened.. Highly recommanded for food and ambience.. Feza n i.. i luv de way de magarita looks.. So red and that lime green.. so Christmas.. hehe! Janet and Suet wid their bright coloured drinks... Now one wid de entire grp.. Ma "Oh-so-wonderlicious" (actually not really!)Strawberry magarita.. The yummy food Yingli ordered.. Me.. Enjoying de drink, de food n de company! Suet and her cute pose.. She n Feza were de non alcoholic babes.. they had some mocktails! Janet lookin all wasted.. but she was not drunk la.. It was a candid shot.. Yingli all ouyt to finish her second glass of beer.. that was on top ofa beer and 2 magaritaz.. u go gurl!!! Us outside Tangos.. Suet had to leave.. as her daddy came to fetch her.. The Final four back in Janet's Car..
So after de wonderful drinkin session.. Janet dropped me off at Sin Ming and i walked to Vani's place.. She had to go to her aunt's place and so we cudnt meet for dinner.. but i was going over to stay there tat night.. When we finally got to her place.. she started doing her gift for her bf and i was gettin a lil bored.. So i started taking pictures.. Den when we finally decided to watch tv.. we ended up watching this documentry where the ranked the top ten blood consumers in de world.. animal and men.. Gross i say... Vani working so hard on her masterpiece of a Christmas gift for Denash!!! Vani's Art Piece..
Well.. Saturday day afternoon it was raining cats and dogs.. after our lunch date.. Vani, me and Denash shared a cab back.. i was de last to go back and guess wat.. ma entire carpark was flooded.. And de darn Taxi driver dropped me far away from ma block, afraid that his engine might fail if he drive into the flooded area.. shit him.. and i didnt even have any umbrella wid me.. so.. wat happened?.. Simple.. All drenched.. I managed to go home..
Saturday night was a blast.. went to Night Safari wid moi sister and Vj.. thanks to Feza for de free tickets...!!!was so fun.. We were like 3 kids all excited over animals and all.. Got freaked out initially.. Especially when we went into the flyin squirrel enclosure.. goodness gracious.. one juz flew above our heads and onto the tree juz in front of us.. we cudnt scream and were sooo terrified.. but it was real fun to see all de nice animals.. hmm... oh and we found one new baboon type.. The Black Arsed Baboon.. which is none other den.... GUMUTHA!!! hehehehehehehe!!!To end it all well.. me and gumz had ice cream and Vj had milkshake.. All from de fantastic Ben n Jerry's.. The very nice Night Safari Napkins.. And de nice tabloe n Nachoz at de East Lodge.. (and ma sisters hand).. OKie a nice click of the famous 5.. okie minus 2.. Gumz High on Milo... Cold one at tat... Me sis n i enjoying Vj'z treat.. ma fav Nachoz.. Its bloody ex down there.. but den again its like DUH!!! Okie This was one of the 2 trails we took on that day.. The Leopard Trail.. Gumz insisted tat she has to be taken along wid de signboard.. But.. hmmmm... We were not able to take much pictures as we cudnt use flash.. but we managed to get our dear fren Mr Leopard.. Though its a lil blur.. We were so bored waiting for de Show to start tat we started snappoing away.. Two Clowns promoting their second home.. Okie thats us at Night Safari!!!
Well... Christmas was pretty fun.. Actually onli de evening.. I stayed at home de whole day and left to meet Vani, Denash n Senthil At Bukit Batok For Dinner.. We headed for Alif at Bukit Gombak.. Dinner was gud but de company was better.. Den we headed to mac For some uice cream when Senthil got hungry again.. We had so much of fun n laughter.. here are the pictures.. De Clown la.. This is DenaShree.. Well de Denash Factor is being bullied by de Shree Factor...How sad! Check Out De Love Birds in de formal shot.. Something like formal la..Peek- a - booooooo And here are two god send angelz.. *pukes*How can i not take one with "mr Loverboy" Senthilu.. actually he is Mr Wiseguy la.. Me and ma darlingu Vanishreeu.. Oh...ma Sweetu Jelebi!!! Vani posing like a sweet sweet angel.. Angel meh..???? Well.. and here is Senthil who is giving the thumbs up for de wonderful evening we had..
Well.. its like soo sianfyin to get back to work after a long weekend and a fun one at that... But i managed to finish up ma assignment and started taking loads of pictures.. haha.. here are some for ya viewing pleasure(i hope)!!! Trying to give that "OoOo i am Hot(not)!" look.. I noe i am failin miserably! Heres de mum doing her work.. and....
Here is de daughter shaking leg at work..... Okie presenting to ya, de woman behind tis(me) woman.. ma wonderful mum.. I luv u la Sarojah! My mum is pretty conscious abt this whole foto thingey.. but i forced her into it.. Hehez! So here is de sweet sweet gal giving ya her sweetest smile, revealing her sweetest one sided dimple.. Weeeeeeee......

Saturday, December 17, 2005


okie b4 anything... here is me wid ma new glasses...

Okie i believe all of ya have puked enough... Ma sis chose the frame for me... Okie.. now lets move on...

I am going thru one of my emotional setbacks lately.. and i dunno de reason or cause for it... i tend to cry very fast, get angry and scream for de smallest things, i feel so lonely even when i got like so many ppl ard me... I dunno wats it all abt.. Is it de yr end mood swing..?

De love i felt 2 yrs back.. de one guy i thought was de one i luved de most in ma entire life.. ( i still think so).. But today.. he seem like a mere shadow.. he seem so far.. i dun feel the intensity any longer.. am i moving on???But when i tried to by gettin maself involved with someone else.. i failed miserably.. oni to realise that i love him too much to go on.. but today i dun feel it.. he is juz an illusion so far away.. cud it be someone else.. ? But i haben felt anything for anyone for a real long time.. am i juz going numb? I juz wonder.. i juz feel like lockin maself up and crying.. well ..i will wait for Kuch Kuch Hota Hai tomolo.. best time to pour it all out... Okie gotta go now.. gonna go down and get ssome snacks to munch on... !


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Pay Day

Finall after a month or more of waiting.. i finally saw money in ma acc again... haha.. yeah yeah.. pay day.. so i brought ma sister for her long due Pizza hut meal.. after which we went for our christmas gift shopping for ma best fren n his family..

And we were lucky cos.. baby looey tunes were at IMM... and we juz in time for their 4pm show.. but it was like so darn packed wid all de kids... but i managed to catch a few shots and some video.. Ma fav daffy was oso there.. but Taz was super cute.. playin monster and all.. though he is one oredi.. Den we got all de gift we wanted.. Still thinkin wat to get for Vic...

Den got home and was watchin Thirumalai.. darn it.. i missed ma fav song.. Neeyenbadhu yethuvarai??? haiz.. that song has loads of significance.. But i got Dhimsu Kattai.. And i got reminded of Milky.. **Missing ya dude**

Vic dropped by at ard 7... he came to get some stuff printed and it was one of our regular intervaled meet.. (pretty long intervals i shud say!)We watched Miss Vasantham.. after which headed for our dinner at Mac.. We chatted and had dinner..

I rushed home to catch ma one of ma favourite Hindi shows.. Mohabatein... Another one of those movies that put ma mind thru a emotional roller coaster rides... **yeah i noe am a emotional freak.. but sadly thats how i am..**I am tearing as i am typing this entry.. Not cos i am juz a freak.. but cos i wonder.. why love is neba as beautiful as it is in reel life, in real life... The emotions potrayed in movies are so divine and beautiful.. But why is it not respected in reality...

"I just wan real love... Everything that i dream of, a man who understand real love.. " - Pink

Next week its gonna be Kuch Kuch Hota Hai... (Something Happens)... I have watched it like a zillion times.. but i love it still... I think this month is all abt a gud cry.. these movies simply make me cry.. and i like it.. cos it some sort like cleanse ma system of all de sorrow and pain and bitter experiences in love... I hope it wud do wonders to all of ya.. catch de movie next week aye.. okie gtg now.. nitez guyz.. MuackZ!!!