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Friday, July 29, 2005


Well.. Ma graduation marks a new beginning for me.. So i decided to use blogspot from now onwards..

Ma graduation was day i was looking forward to all the while.. Finally.. it arrived.. The day filled with mixed emotions.. Was very happy that i am finally gonna be awarded the long awaited Diploma, Was disappointed in maself for the not sooo gud results, Was sad cos this new beginning also marked the end of a journey in which i met several ppl, whom in a way or another changed ma life!!! To put it simple, I am gonna miss SP n all ma wonderful frens and lectureres..

De day started as early as 8am for me.. Well i decided to adapt the cultural look for the day.. so wore ma blue punjabi top wid black pants along wid the accessories that wud go wid it.. Met up wid Dimas to start de day wid photo taking.. Ma parents arrived shortly and juz in time to take a couple of family shots... Though ma dad n i were not toking.. i cud sense his sense of satisfaction...Afterall, i am the his first child to have attained a Diploma.. The ceremony was like long winded.. Cos it started with the Infocomm students.. n Med tech was like the last to get their Dips.. But the min i got hold of ma dip.. along wid ma classmates.. we were screaming oredi.. cos come on.. 3 yrs.. we worked for this pc of paper..

When The ceremony ended.. i told ma parents to go for their food first.. as i wanted to go for a foto takin spree.. Here are some shots i got...

Maself, Dimas n Murni.. Snappin B4 The Ceremony!

Murni, Ain, Fida n Myself wid our Scroll boxes..

Us Wid The Wonderful Mr Sng!!!........

The med tech Galz wid Mr Woo n Mr Benjamine Yang...

Our Gorgeous Ms Soh.. Our Med Micro lecturer!!!

The Cardiac Gals Wid Our Fav Cardiologist, Dr Lim n Ms Lata!...

Dimas n I Forced To Do This... Junice is a wacko!!!

Well.. at the end of the day.. I am gonna miss everything.. Ma lessons.. ma mentors... ma frens.. everything... But One impt thing i am gonna miss.. or rather 7 impt ppl...

They are:

None other den Dimas, Saleha, Diana, Rafida, Ain, Mislizah and Murni...

Thanks for Everything Gals.. I Mean It From de Bottom Of Ma heart!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hi Guyzzzz

Okie.. Its like i finally got a Blogspot and have started working on it... all u guys out there.. pls do drop me some guidelines on how to make this place like u noe.. visitable!!! Take care!!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Burfdaie Frenzy...


Well then again, there are some who simply ignored me on ma burfday.. Well.. heck you if u heck me!!! Frens.. as u claim to be!!!

This is wat i got from Vanz.. Thanks Gal...

Saturday, July 23, 2005


The first and onli thing
He took away from me
Was not ma love
But ma innocence!

Hey guyz.. Saturday was gudie for me.. Went for lunch wid Gumz n Smitz.. And guess who joined us...? Vic, Bible, Vicky... Yeah yeah its all de same person.. ma bestie.. He came after meeting his.. *ahem ahem* okie.. but its so gud to be able to see him again... We ate @ Pizza Hut today.. I missed Vic like sooo bad.. n de min i got his warm hug.. i felt soo happy.. Well.. after lunch went to get Kavin chocolatez.. he is another sweetheart i miss so much!.. He juz booked outta camp today n i wanted ta give wat he loves de best... So got him a bar of cadbury(da big one), 2 kitkat chunky n de seashell choceez... De mi he got he was like sooo happy.. was chit chattin wid him n his family and left for home when they left for a birthday party at ard 8 plus.. so here i am back at home..

Sara(fusion X) juz called me and asked if i wanna go for a drink tonite... no mood la.. so i declined to...

Tomorrow is gonna be a long day.. gonna go loadz of places.. though am not going for Nooria's brother's wedding.. So if anything interesting happens tomolo.. will update u all...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fairy Tale........

Juz as i was like sooo down.. abt ma past n abt how ma like soooo monotonous n all... Vani juz told me abt the latest happenings of which was a beautiful fairy tale... She juz got proposed by this prince charmin(apparently i neba seen him.. but his character accordin to wat Vani told is of one...)who proposed to her wid a vow and 3 bouquets of beautiful red roses... and gudness.. it sounds blunt n plain down here.. u shud get de details from Vani.. i mean i was like almost to tears simply hearing her tell the whole incident... imagine her.. being there when she got proposed.. gudness... and not forgettin the gentle gentlemanly peck on her cheek.. hmm.. i am sure envious of her...ma life is soooo routine n boring... n i am depressed.. yeah birthdayz comin.. so wats de big F**k abt it.. when life is like moving mechanically.. i dun have anything to look forward too.. okie lemme face it.. noone to look forward to...ma frens are bz wid their own lives.. (but I will neba deny de fact that they are simply angelz n i cant live without dem)... I am indeed happy for Vani.. very happy in fact.. not all get tat kinda guy.. (well i didnt at least)... haiz.. i dun wanna sound like a despo for a bf or something.. but i am feeling lonely suddenly.. i am surrounded by everyone n yet i feel this way... i dunno... call me paranoid... call me nutz... call me an idiot too.. i dunno wats de name for this mental illness i got now.. when i find out i will post more... nitez guyz!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Hey all.. today was a fanastic day for me.. i went to tampines for ma appointment, afterwhich a hungry me took the wrong move of taking 65 from Tampines to Orchard... bloody long route.. took me like an hr n a half to get to somerset itself.. but luckily the gals were at Heerens.. when i got there i was happy to see Saleha n Dimas.. but sadly it was oni the 2 of em..But Dimas said it means i treat de both of dem more la.. haha!!!.. We headed for Swensen's next ta Paragon n ordered our food.. i decided to go for the breaded chicken as it was the chef's n dimas's recommandation..hahahaha!!!We were bloated honestly.. We den walked down to far east.. in btw which we past by the Mac counter inside Marriot.. haha. dimas observed tat the artist were mainly gays.. At far east was a mad shoppin spree for me.. wat ya expect wid Dimas ard.. Bought a pink top(can't believe i did, thks ta Dimas n Saleha), a black skirt at York Boutique.. got 20% off as its ma bday mth.. afterwhich we went down to basement where Dimas claimed i cud get nice clothes too.. true enough..there was another boutique tat had beautiful stuff.. i managed to find ma denim 3/4 pants i was looking for all the while.. i bought it to.. Almost $120.. Booom.. gone juz like tat.. but i dun regret ma buy.. everything oso i like.. den we went to Wisma to get a cuppa.. We settled down for Coffee club express though Dimas wanted Gelore..hahahaha! I tried mango tango freeze.. was not in de mood for coffee.. n Dimas tried Rambutan freeze.. now tat was awesome.. damn gud.. u guy shud try it!..Saleha had he Cafe Mocha.. Dimas den made ma day by sayin she was gonna pass me her Levis denim jacket.. yeeehaaaaaaaa!!!The perfect final touch for my combi of the white halter i got along wid ma pink top n the denim pants i bought.. soon the part i hated de most arrived.. time to say tata.. i really felt so sad to leave.. i miss ma gals soo much.. so sad i oni got to meet 2 of dem today.. but den again.. graduation day is nearing.. so no sweat.. haha.. well below are some pics we took today.. So till i fill this spot again.. sayonara dudes n dudettes!!!

Dimas n I @Swensen's

Us Enjoyin The Ambience @ Coffee Club Xpress

Dimas n Saleha Posin while i got our drinks!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Ma Kinda Man...

1. Has a smile on his face no matter wat happens ( tis shows his ability to withstand obstacles in life)

2. Never fear to cry ( tis shows he is not compassionate but i dun mean compassionate guys MUST cry, some guys fake the world by acting tough when they are juz a bunch of sissies crying within)

3. Has the patience to listen n think ( most guys i have met[*pls take not of the most n i have met*], always think that they wats gonna happen, or they noe wat we gals are gonna say. but they always fail to listen to us completely n think n analyse wat we mean)

4. Has his brain where it shud be n not between his legs! ( Firstly gfs are not ya sex toys! they are not there to juz satisfy ya moments of lust. They are suposingly ya emotional pillars n u are to be one for them. A guy who fail to realise tat is neba in ma dictionary a MAN!

5. Has the knowledge to deal a relationship ( it dosent takes juz the heart to make a relationship work. The brain plays a part too.. infact a impt part at tat! This point is not juz for the guys but for the galz too.. Smart ppl got noe problem in dealing any obstacles tat comes in their relationship)

6. Has ego at the healthy level (Who dun have ego? all of us have it.. self pride is another decent name we give it. But wats the point of fighting ego wid ego? For guys, most got this ego that they are a guy.. So watz de big F**k abt it? Being a MCP juz makes u look like a loser!)

7. Does not fear to accept reality ( Hate it when a guy goes ard saying that he was serious abt a gal n when she played him out, he decided to play other gals out! Bullshi*.. Bloody tamilan learn all this from those dumbar*e tamil movies..The actual thing is they are simply afraid! afraid that they wud get hurt! Afraid that they wud get dumbed again.. Firstly even b4 the gal explains her breakup, they assume certain things n come to their own conclusions and go ard with such crap! Oh n one more thing, if they break off with the gal, its case close! But if the gal breaks off, she is a No1 rated whore!!! Simply cos they cant accept the defeat.. once again an evidence of MCP!!! Get a life! Learn to accept life n live it for the way it is being presented to us!

Everything i have stated abv are ma opinions! I may sound feminist..Hell, i am one! What i have written above are based one ma experience n those that i have heard from ma frens! If guys out there feel tat there gals who are big time whores feel free to update ya blogs abt wat u feel! This is ma blog.. i am not obligated to anyone nor am i afraid of anyone to state ma opinions! I do agree there are some wonderful males out there.. and i am proud to be a fren of some of such guys.. but to those who are not, go n find some spider for a change, if u get wat i mean!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Anger Management!

A man came out of his home to admire his new truck. To his puzzlement, his three-year-old son was happily hammering dents into the shiny paint. The man ran to his son, knocked him away, hammered the little boy's hands into a pulp as punishment. When the father calmed down, he rushed his son to the hospital. Although the doctor tried desperately to save the crushed bones, he finally had to amputate the fingers from both the boy's hands. When the boy woke up from the surgery and saw his bandaged stubs, he innocently said, "Daddy, I'm really sorry about your truck." Then he asked: "But when are my fingers going to grow back?" The father went home and committed suicide.
Think about the story the next time you see someone spill milk at a dinner table or hear a baby cry. Think first before you lose your patience and become angry with someone you love. Trucks can be repaired. Broken bones and hurt feelings often cannot. Too often we fail to recognize the difference between the person and the performance. People make mistakes. We are allowed to make mistakes. But the actions we take while in a rage will haunt us forever. Pause and ponder. Think before you act. Be patient.

Friday, July 08, 2005


The Onli Angel With The Many Faces...
They Didn't Say,
"Children Are Like God",For Nothing!
Cos' Oni Children And The God Has Many Faces
But There's Oni 1 Of Their Kind!!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Ma Babieeeee

The lil angel of the family...
The baby who brought so much laughter n joy!
The gift from heaven...
Who brought laughter along!
The innocence in her eyes..
Makes us yearn for our childhood!
For its our angel...
Who has it all..
To Complete Our Lives!!!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Handfone Fever!

Hey all.. been a while since i last updated this thingey... well well.. Samarpanam Rehersalz are on.. the new yr ones are pretty cool.. the enthusiastic batch i wud say... This yrs show got a new touch in several areas.. thks to the newbies along wid Thiru,Ramesh n Deeban.. The past week was burnt going back to SP almost everyday to plan the singing part as well as to contribute some ideas to them.. Fun hanging out wid Punitha(ma snr), Elai n the yr 1z.. Its such fun to discuss abt last yrs funny moments... Vasu Uncle is gonna do the sounds,lights n music rthis yr.. Yippie for Thillana.. Btw we are going out as Thillana Entertainers from now onwards.. No more Thillana Band.. So introduced him last Friday to the Snrz n the committee... Saturday was burnt sleeping at home.. I slept on Friday night at ard 1 or 2am.. n i oni got off ma bed ard 7pm on Sat.. call me a lazo.. i needed that kinda sleep.. which i lose on weekdays.. So i do as much of catchin up i can on weekends.. Sunday, made plans wid Nava to meet up for lunch.. We headed for LJS @ IMM.. Sick n tired of JE Central u see.. Ended up oni me eating.. n she was like munchin on the fries n a bit of ma chicken n coleslaw... After which we wanted to go for a lil furniture window shopping.. apparently.. we were some sorta like planning our future homes.. how its gonna be furnished and all.. the last time i did that was wid Vanitha.. **I miss her loads..!!!**Den.. Nava wanted to check out this new shop where they were selling beautiful earrings for a real low low price, b4 which we headed for chocolates at Watsons.. We shared a bar of Cadbury Hazelnut Chocolatez..~*Yummy*~... Okie.. now to handphones.. i was practically pulling Nava to every corner of IMM that had a handfone store.. or somethin n was juz standin there n starin away at the displays.. i am going crazy.. I WAN MA HP BACK!!!!.. as in ma new handfone.. I am obesessed abt hpz.. I mean while am doing this am like browin the nokia webbie for like the zillionth time in the past 10 days... I cant wait for the 12th.. ($$$$$$)... And zoom i go to Toa Payoh.. Ppl trust me on this one.. Toa Payoh is one place u can get great bargains... for hpz.. They got like so many hp shopz.. u get to get gud prices due to the competition amg shops.. And yeah.. so i got a week to burn b4 i get ma hands on one of those gorgeous handfones.. btw people I cant decide which fone me gonna get.. do drop me a comment to lemme know which one of the followin i shud get...:
Nokia 7610 Nokia 6670 Nokia 6230i Nokia 3230

Lemme noe okiez... Was at Kavin's place again.. Both the dudu brothers were not ard.. had gone to Botanical gardens to help Klear Sounds for some programme.. ended up sitting down chattin wid uncle, aunty and lavinia akka.. But I enjoyed it alot... Hmm.. that was the oni interesting thing that happened to me this week..

Okie den... me going back to ma "droolin over handfone" sessionz.. See ya all pretty soon aight!!! tata~!