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Thursday, May 24, 2007


I guess the return or reentry of someone from our past always calls for changes in our lives... i dunno... i am starting to see changes around me and i am yet to decide if their positive or negative...But my mum have taught me the valuable lesson of just letting ppl be the way they want to be.. and its not etiqutte to push ma nose into it...

i am also a human being... i dun like to be chucked aside by ppl who matter to me... it makes me feel i dun matter to dem... But another part of me makes me wanna just throw everything away and live for maself... I dunno i may be overreacting... but always remember no reaction comes without an action... so think wat action of urs cud have caused the reaction...

For now am gonna lead this live the way i shud... for maself.. for ppl for whom i mean the world.. ma family.. and selected frens... wait a min? do i still have those selected frens? i really wonder... okie... everyone is busy.. own life... own footings in life... well... gud luck everyone... have fun... Thats a very valid reason... I dun mean to be mean... but i dun wanna be a hypocrit either.. i am direct.. thats de way i am.. i dun wanna say... "yeah yeah... i am totally okie with it" when i am not... if i am not i am not.. and i will tell ya i am not...

So the ex is back... but has his own issues.. claims tat we cant be the "frens" cos we are worlds apart.. apparently 2 years back he was childish.. immatured... which was why he chose to have the relationship with me... but he claimed he loved me den... and now there seem to be some unseen strain underlying which hinders him from being frens... Well.. all i gotta say is.... choose wat u wanna do... i am firm in ma mind... if i said this relationship is over.. it is.. i noe where i stand and where u stand... there is no strains ard or within me... so yeah... for me i welcome anyone with open arms in the matter of frenship... but ones u betray ma frenship.. i walk off... thats it... Thats me... i dun have any criterias.... to have frens... i have frens from all walks of life... So it seriously dosent matter... it dosent mean i live in the past if i question about the past.. i question to complete the past and move on to the future... and thats all that i did... if u dun understand this.. den nvm....

Are singapore taxi drivers done alayuraaning for the $2 PEAK HOUR MONEY?.... i mean it bloody h0ttest at 4-5pm in the evening.. and i wud be waiting for a cab.. and these fellows wud all happily have their busy sign or simply the green light on... and wud not stop for me.. like wat the???? totally irritating..... sometimes its like as early as 4.45.... walau.... sick ah.. i get very tempted to just call up their respective companies and complaining then i think abt the f*ckin long waiting on the fone.. why pay so much more for hp bill to save $2.... ARGHHHHHH but their really testing ma patience... its running thin....

Yeah.. i am in the complaining mode... i wanna complain abt everthing and anything... i watched KAbhi Alvida Naa Kehna... I still stick to ma verdict....ITS A F*CKIN AWESOME MOVIE!!! just cos ppl cheat their spouses... it dosent make it a lousy movie...!

Okie... i am feeling sleepy for ones... at 10pm.. going to go back now.. oh.. i am IMM typing this away.. ma new hangout... i am loving the lonliness... i am loving it... cos ppl dun seem to make me happy... so i make maself happy!!! yeay yeay!!!


Monday, May 14, 2007




Mother's Day...

One word to describe ma weekend... AWESOME!... i had the best time in ma life after a real long time.. it was purely family... I mean wat more can i ask for when i am blessed with a family i love and adore as much as they love me.. Yeah i totally agree that Mother's day and Father's day and all are redundant when one is suppose to appreciate the parents all day round the year.. But sometimes when u think of the busy life everyone has.. Such days give us a reason to put aside everything to spend some quality time off with people who had been there for us till we came about in this world and who wud be there till their or our end, whichever comes first... So its all for gud...

Ma family decided to celebrate Mother's day in a grand way this year... With ma school fees settled and all... we thought it was high time we did something nice... So i rented a car for the weekend... Friday evening Vani met up with me and we went to collect the car... Afterwhich we drove down to IMM to check out Bali Thai for the mother's day dinner i was havin with ma family the following day... Sadly no reservations cud be made as it was fully booked and so i was told to walk in... All the other restraunts were over crowded with ques outside and so we decided to drive to the airport to eat since i have to go to the East anyways to fetch ma bro and family that nite... The drive down was funny and fun... We will be the two idiots who will complain la that the air con air was way too hot and was burning us and so wud wind down the windscreen and den go to a petrol kiosk and ask ppl to check things out...That fellow there would tell us ah, that our aircon water container was empty and so we have to get it changed... So we will again be like idiots and nod our heads and get back to the car and finally decide to call ma rental hotline and complain like a bloody fool only for the woman on the other end to calmly ask...

"can u check if the button with the snow flake icon is on?"

and we will look at the button, see it switched off, look at each other and burst out luffing like two idiots only for the woman on the line to laugh along with us... So after apologising to her for the trouble and forgiving the guy(i mean we didnt tell the guy of cos...as he walked away to serve someone else) who gave us wrong information, as he was super cute(*drools*), we drove off, after one wrong turn and a small U-turn... we were on our way cruisin down the expressway laughing and joking... We had a lil problem finding the carpark at the airport but we managed to find it quite quickly after tat.... We parked in time for ma sis in law to call and ask if i was going over any time soon... So we had to rush thru the dinner... we settled for Popeye's... and guess who was working.. our beloved Shay.. ma ICS buddy... We ordered a 4 pcs meal and ended up getting a 6 pcs meal at the price of the former and large sides instead of the regular ones... On top of it.. when Vani and i were stuffing ourselves up Shay walked up to us with a tray and a mischeivious smile and said "sorry to disturb mdm, but u are our 1000th customer for the day and thus we are giving you this chicken strips meal and its on the house..." i was like "yeah! right Shay... you have given enough that i think i cant finish and yet this" and he just smiled and said... "dun worry we can always pack it up for take away... and how many ppl are there at home... So that i can pack accordingly"... wah... we were luffing away... So i got the food packed, said gudbyes to Shay and ruched off to ma sis-in-law's place... Ma uncle was sick so we send him and aunty to CGH den Vani back home before driving back to ma place...

I was so happy to see the reaction on ma dad's face when Subha walked into the house... he jus hung on to her with his eyes shut, absorbing the moment completely... i was feeling so gud to see ma dad so happy.. he was just a proud grandpa who luvs and adores this grand daughter who is the only one he was able to embrace and watch her grow.. wherelse he was not able to do that with the other two... The fun begam immediately... the house was filled with laughter, Subha's lil talk with Velu puppy... We slept only at 4 in the morning when ma niece finally decided she needed to save her energy for the long day ahead...

Woke up at 11, washed up, showered and all that... Had lunch, afterwhich ma bro,anni and i drove off to Mustafa centre to buy the pressiez... Met Mr and Mrs Mohan who were both ma SINDA teachers, back den when i was in pri sch.. the best part was, we almost quarelled prior to that when he thought i was cutting que and stealing his lot from him when i was merely using the lot to u turn out... He was like "u old enough now to drive ah?" hahahahaha.... So we managed to get a lot after like waiting for almost 20 mins and we went st to the Jewellery section... Bought ma mum and ma anni's mum ear studs... and nose studs for ma mum's 2 sisters... We den went down to the watch section to get ma sis-in- law a watch... Earlier this year she bought ma bro a fossil watch for their wedding anniversary cum V day... So i decided to get the same design but the lady's version... Bingo... they had it and it was like the last or only pcs... I told her i was buyin it for a fren for her birthday and she really believed it... We also bought a Man U miniature soccer ball for ma niece... it was really nice...

We got back home, got changed and sadly ma dad had to go teach poetry class which was brought forward to saturday instead of Sunday... So we had to do the celebration without him... So we sent him to lil-india and decided to do dinner there instead of IMM...But den we were sickl of indian food as we eat it everyday and so finally we decided on DOwntown East... We drove down and parking was a major problem... Too many cars... When i finally decided to move off to fisherman village.. we managed to get a lot and we were super lucky or wat when the malay family parked next to our car knocked on our windscreen and gave us their full day parking coupon.. i think they saw ma niece who was den sleeping on ma bro;s lap and fell in love with her.. and thus the kind gesture... We settled for Thai food as it was our initial plan and ended up at Lemongrazz... Menu for the day...

2.Seafood Tom Yam Soup
3.Mixed Vegetable
4.Lemongrass Chicken
5.Softshell crab cooked in Garlic
6.Hotplate Tofu

I have to say they food was splendid and the service was beyond expectation... so many different ppl served us and we didnt wait too long... The food was served with 10mins after the order was taken and they were hot and fresh... We really enjoyed the dinner... So in the midst of eating... ma bro gave ma mum the gift we bought her and i gave the watch to ma anni... Both were totally pleased with their respective gifts... So after dinner we walked slowly down, bought ma niece her Ben n Jerry's ice cream which she whacked all alone... Den we drove off to ma anni's place and gave Athai her gift which she liked too.. Both the in laws put on their respective ear studs... at around 9.. ma mum, sis and i drove down to ma mum's elder sister's place only for her to be not back yet though she promised to be back by 9pm... we waited till 10 and den decided to go as it was getting late... So we gave her gift to ma uncle and went off to ma mum's younger sister's place.. yeah yeah... Neethiya akka's mum... She too was not ard as ma cousing Parthiban had brought her to see a doc.. ma uncle and akka were home so we sat down and chatted when finally the mother and son returned...Ma sis and i gave her the gift while ma two cousin also had something for ma mum... It was a nice feeling as both our family's are not as close as before due to some misunderstanding between the 2 fathers but the kids are all still as close as ever and we love both the mummys alot... It was indeed a warm feeling.... We den bid farewell and drove back home... Was supposed to go Ashoka with Vani,Denash and her parents... But i was totally exhausted by the timei got home almost midnight... So i decided to call it a day and went off to bed...

Phew... that pretty much summarised the great weekend i had... Sunday was bumming day... I bummed ard till 10pm when ma mum and i went to return ma car and do some shopping for household thingeys... Today another routine week begins.... But i am still in a happy mood.... Yeay..... Okie enjoy the pictures.. i guess they would explain the fun i had better den anything else....

Subha and Velu puppy.. Best Frens forever!
Thatha with his babygal!
Paatti and Subha!
The elders of the family.. with the 2 minors... Do u spot Velu puppy?
The best mum,mum-in-law and the best daughter and sister-in-law!
The two Juneiez and left handers!
One of the family, minus ma dad and a niece who is reluctant to smile!
Do u see smoke...?
The yummy spread...
The mummys of the house whackin on the spread...
The "big" woman with her "big" plate and spoon!
And one with ma princess..
The son, daughter-in-law.. presenting our gift to the mum!
The mother, checkin out her gift eagarly...
Ma bro putting the watch on for ma anni!
Tada.... The same same watch...
Ma sis-in law and i... in our same-design-different-colour tops... Thanks to Vani..
The in-laws..

The in-laws showing off their respective ear studs...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fone Craze!

I am in complete dilema... I so wanna change ma handphone.. i dunno why... hehe.. actually ma handphone contract is ending in July.. So i can go for a 21 months mobile phone upgrade now if i want... and i want to get a new phone... after looking around and all.. i decided on 3 phones...
O2 Atom Zinc... I like this phone alot... cos its all i wanted in a phone... With 2 year contract its about S$708... and if i trade in ma current phone its another S$150 off... Now i dun like the trade value of ma current phone cos i noe for a fact if i sell it to those ah bengs... i can get at least 200 bucks.. So yeah.. Hmm... But i like this phone... Anyone wanna get Punitha her advanced 22nd birthday gift???
So when i finally decided that okie PDA fone is not meant for me... i decided on E65... Sleek.. Simple looking yet as most of the important functions...Comes to S$218 with 2 year contract and without any trade in... So quite a cool buy... But den right.... I still wan a PDA phone...!!!

So den i started looking for a cheaper yet decent alternative for the Atom... And Tada...Dopod D810...hmmm de design like still not soooo nice le... Zinc nicer... But u noe wat.? its still still expensive la.. Like its S$688 with 2yrs plan and no trade in.... like no diff from Zinc.. okie maybe $20 diff la... like that might as well get Zinc wat...

So sad le... i wan Zinc.. i wan wan wan Zinc... maybe i am delayed PMSing.. i dunno... Dumb crying cracking up for no reason... doing stupid things.. craving for things that i shudnt be... Aiyo...Stress le... I wan a new fone!!!... I wan I wan I wan..... Ones again.. Anyone wanna get Punitha her Advanced,well deserved 22nd Birthday gift???? Feel free to...!:)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Emotion taking me over...

Its just the emotion taking me over,
Caught up in sorrow, lost in the song....

Just came to work a while ago after taking 2 hours time off to catch with my sleep... have been missing alot of it lately... The bad weather in the environment and in the heart are the reasons to it... I have been strong for all the people ard me... I have cried with them and laughed with them... But i dunno why i cannot be that way with ma self... i tend to allow people to laugh with me but not cry with me... I hide ma true emotions away from everyone else and go about being the clown out to make ppl happy... Some of ma frens tend to laugh when i tell them i am depressed.. cos it just dosent make sense to them... according to them i am someone made of bricks and cement and so nothing can bring me down... I dun blame them cos thats wat i have shown them... But this dosent mean i am running away from anything.. when i say i wanna be alone.. i am just coming to terms with alot of things on ma own... yes yes.. i agree that i do try to make sense out of nonsense... but i will realise its nonsense at the end of it... I am human too... i And human dun take or absorb the truth as they are given... It applies to me too... I cant do certain things that others can do... Such as taking everything in their stride.. i am not matured enough for that i guess.. But i am learning... I will... And when one is hurt... one is hurt... there is no such thing as i am more hurt than u cos of this this this... or ur more hurt than me cos of this this this... When we are hurt... we are hurt... full stop... so pls dun compare the depth or sdegree of damage each of us have gone thru... At least not infront of me... In just hurts me more...

**************************Ok... this part is done for now...!**************************

Nope.. I haben got any news from guidant.. keeping ma fingers crossed... (latest update: the lady in charge send me a mail telling me she is in business review for the week and will call me on friday or early next week!Hmmm)Got the so called pay revision for Ministry staff.. guess wat.. its a one time thingey and no i am not satisfied.. i mean who is when it comes to Vitamin M... But i have some major things to settle la... like settle all ma bills... start paying ma TV installments... Settle ma furniture payment... Set aside money for Gumutha for school and all, bring her out to buy some clothes and a gift for her birthday, Dinner for the mothers in ma family, ma mum and anni la... ya la ya la... all this all this... Den if i am seriously getting the job.. i need to start looking for a car.. so i wud need money for that as well... Phew... i thought financially i was going okie.. still am but i might go a lil bongus pretty soon.. if the change of job comes about... I seriously need a break la... Some ppl ah.. always tok about Genting with me and yet don wan to plan something... Come on THAs.. we ought to do something... Let's get outta this contry for a lil while...

And wat happened ah 90's king and queen?And eh sorry ah.... I oredi told ya ma translation and all not as powderful as u two.. so sorry la.. okok.. u still get the points for N3... But u still have 4 more la... Come on the both of ya... U dun wanna lose out to a Bloody young punk, do ya?And i didnt bring ma glasses today... so i am practically blind now... okie.. partially blind that is... And the movie Mozhi is fantastic... i think a musician or anyone who has passion in and for music, wud appreciate it more den anyone else... For ones i liked Jothika la... Prakashraj and Prithiviraj were awesome... The movie was very funny too... Okok... gotta go now... talk to ya'll soon!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Awkward Tuesday...

Wah.. the days are flyin very fast... As u guys know ma contract with MOE has been extended for another 3 years... Not that am bonded or anything... I can even resign today if i wan to(with a month notice of cos).. Okie the reason why i decided to stick on for a while longer is because most positions i am interested in require experience or they will take me in entry level... this can be diploma or degree levels.... If i were to go back to dip level its gonna be really dumb cos i gotta give up on at least 300-400 bucks of ma current pay... And as u guys noe i am still doing ma deg.. and so yeah... But i seriously am looking forward to a change in ma career... Cos wat i am doing now is not at all wat i wanna do... Its nothing... I rather be selling burgers with Mac(if the pay was as high) den doing wat am doing now! Yeah ppl.. i noe some of u envy me for getting paid relatively well for doing almost nothing(hey i still do work okie... esp o level time)But no... though i am doing it for the money.. i would prefer to do something close to ma heart...

Ain called me a while ago... actually during lunch time la... Gudiant(a pacemaker company) is urgently looking for a sales executive now. The starting pay is pretty good and there's a transport allowance thrown in too(which means i can buy a car sooner then planned) I dunno.. i have just sent ma resume in... If called for interview... i am gonna tell them abt ma deg cos and see if the working hours can fit ma cos... if not then just too bad la... So i dunno.. i'll just hope for the best... We''ll see..

Alot has been happening... and i just hope its all for the gud... I mean no one can predict the future.. i am tryin to be optimistic... and i encouraging the other party to be that way too... Let's see... and ya we had enough of "the-hotel-name FORUM" and oh gees 3hrs and 45 mins of hearing it... okie... But i just hope in a way... the change brought about by this forum is here to stay.. and no i dun wanna anyone to stop smiling anymore for any reason... All i can do for now is to just say ma silent prayers!

Okie for the 2 ppl who stopped the song game abruptly... Here lemme start it back again... We'll see if the so called, self proclaimed 90's king and queen can guess it?

N1. Just like milk, toddy is white
You will know this even if you dun drink it or learn about it.
You will see that here one day
About this white milk heart.

N2. Send ma heart safely to ma love
Anything more he wants,
Tell him to demand for it.

N3. Can the heart bear the burden of the youth?
Will the ocean engulf the bedroom?

N4. The body is singing melodies everyday
Everything is blessing the life with luck

N5. Throwing a bait with the eye lids
Triggering love in me
You make me yearn thinking of you, oh creseant!

Okie la... i noe ma english not as powederful as the both of urs...and the translation alil kuchinkurat... but still not so bad okie... go and try.. i think all are from 90's and 1 or 2 maybe from 80's la... so just try la... And next time if the king is giving... pls indicate V1 or V2... and if its the queen.. den G1 or G2...

Okie.. gonna knock off soon... talk to u all again soon!!!And before i go... here.. lemme share a lil of ma darling with ya... hmmmmmmmm... All i need in this life of sin... its me and ma vijay... Can't wait for Azhagiya Tamizh Magan.... Yummy!!!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007


A simple five-lettered word, but it never fails to bring about a turmoil. The ten minutes conversation made a million emotions run through me just like that. All I could do at that moment was to listen with tears in my eyes and memories in my mind.

A response, a reaction may not be expected. But I would respond to this, I would react to this when the time comes. For now, my heart, my wishes, goes out to you. Good luck.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Since i am so bored.. here's the lyrics to the song i am listenin to now...

by Jewel Kilcher

I'm just a simple girl

In a high tech digital world
I really try to understand
All the powers that rule this land
They say Miss J's big butt is boss
Kate Moss can't find a job
In a world of post modern fad
What was good now is bad

It's not hard to understand
Just follow this simple plan

Follow your heart
Your intuition
It will lead you in the right direction
Let go of your mind
Your Intuition
It's easy to find
Just follow your heart baby

You look at me but you're not quite sure
Am I it or could you get more?
You learn cool from magazines
You learn love from Charlie Sheen
If you want me let me knowI promise I won't say no
[Chorus Repeat]

You got something that you want me to sell
Sell your sin. Just cash in.
You got something that you want me to tell
You'll love me. Wait and see.

If you want me
Don't play games
I promise
it won't be in vain

Kal Ho Naa Ho + Copy Geetha!

I have been watching Kal Ho Na Ho like there's Kal Ho Naa Ho... And Crying like it... I love the movie.. and me watching that movie means i am into ma depression mode for some reason or another... Oh well... Had to say this has the Kal Ho Naa Ho theme music just played on ma player... Okie lemme do a Geetha now... Listening to the songs in ma player and commenting on it as it plays.. Hows that..

Oh.. "oru theithi paarthaal" is playing on ma player... How nice!! i am a big fan of Vijay.. and yet when this song came out i was least interested in him,his acting or his movie... but i was head over heel in love with the song the min i saw it on tv...
"Naal Muzhukka Unthan Nyabagamthaan Ethir Paathirikkum Intha Poomugam Thaan!"

"Neeyillaiyae Ingu Naanillaiyae Kulir Neerillaiyae Thullum Meenillaiyae"
I bet u guys noe i am a sucka for awesome lyrics....Okie the next song playing is "Siru Thooral" from Ponniyin Selven... Vidyasagar is a genius though Geetha and Aneetha wud beg to differ...

"Naal Thorum Nenjukkullae Neethaanae Vaervittaai..Naan Vadakkoodathendru Neethaanae Neer vittaai!"
"Naalum Oru Kavithai Seigiraen Naalum Athil Unnai Veikkiraen Pennin Thunbam Enna Solla..."

"Oru Nadhi"- okie not in the mood for it... Next!

"Marugo...Marugo..." *fast forward all the choir and watever nama..naga...*This song is fast beat and has cute lyrics... nice nice... I sang this song with Karim uncle at a pub.. and i enjoyed it soooo much!

"Kaetkuthu Kaetkuthu Yetho Onnu Paarthu Paarthu Yenguthu Loveu Pannu"

"Kumaari"-Not in the mood for the Vethalai song...

"Bonnie and Clyde"- Another one of those few english songs i like... I like the Beyonce part the most of cos... JayZ make very lil or no sense... maybe he does.. i just dun get it... But am gonna skip the song... *Next*

"Samikitta Solli Vechu"- Wow..... SPB and Janaki... are there any other better pair or wat? *winks @ Geetha* I hated that movie but this song remained in ma mind...

"Vantha Thunaiyae..Vanthu Anaiyaen... Antham Ulla Chandiranai Sontham konda Sundariyae!"

"Pachai Kili-Kuthu"-Next!

"Davanipotta Deepavali" - Vishal....drools.....

"Aruntha Vaalu Kurmbu Thelu Aanaalum Nee Angelu"

"Eera kola kulung kulung sirichi ninaanae, iva ora vizhi nadunga nadunga neruppu vechaanae"

"Vaartha Onnu"- Vishal again... but not now!

"Thathai thathai" - Stale oredi!

"Pani Thuli"- I like the beat of the song... the pace... so laid back and relaxing... and Laila looked nice in the Video clip...

" Mugathirai ullae nindru Kannaam moochi Aadinaai..."

"Nizhalgalin Ullae Ulla Nijangalai Thedinaen, Neeyaai athai Solvaai Ena Nithamum naan Vaadinaen!"

"Kandukondaen Kandukondaen"- I like the modification both singers have done to most part of the song... So it became a easy song but not so easy to sing.. cos they have beautified the song so much... I think Niranjan did a great job on this song... In Ngee Ann Aaraathana...

" Unnai Thediyae Ini Yenathu Payanamoa, Enathu Saalaigal Un Veetil Mudiyumoa?"

"Nadiyin Thedal kadaisiyil Kadal Kaanbathu, Uyirin Thedal Kadaisiyil Unnai Servathu"
Okie.. i dunno how Geetha does it.. i am tired oredi... cos...Blogspot is being a b*tch and i have to rearrange the alignment everytime i add a new picture.. so i am stoppin here... And i am listening to Jewel's Intution... Nice... okie... Lemme see if i got the mood to blog anymore for the day!...

It dosent help... to be internet-less...

I have been doing alot of things, planning alot of things, risking alot of things, buying alot of things...etc..etc...etc.... To put it all simple... there's loats of things going on ard me for the past few weeks... Gud or bad.. onli time will answer... i am happy yet unhappy... but i rather not tok abt it... I have come to a point to not bother thinkin abt things that bothers me... Cos when i think abt them... i question myself too much... ma blood pressure just surges up above ma head... So why bother... i'll just shut ma eyes and ears and pretend i am living in a world filled with strangers and strange things...

Okie... Let's see... I have been into this major shopping spree this past few weeks... After ages or maybe first time in ma life... I bought like so much of clother within say 2 weeks... lets see ah
- 4 dresses
- 2 pants
- 2 skirts
- 6 tops

All thanks to the mega sale at ma fav boutique... The dresses were 20 each, pants and skirts 15 each and the tops at 10 each... And the best part is... the actual total value of all these clothes is S$600(+-) i am not kidding... ppl like Farida and Aneetha would know wat i mean... It was really worth the money...

I bought 2 pair of sandals on top of that from Charles and Keith... I bought a new bronze bag... i but cosmetics from Bodyshop... i bought assoceries from Far East...Bought ma new Linksys wireless router and 80GB harddrive... i bought the Creative earphones that i had been looking for like forever.... And most of this shopping was done when i was all alone... Vani was the other person i was with when i went to get the sandals and some of the clothes... Okie the biggest thing i bought was not for me but ma entire family.. and it was a 37" Samsung LCD tv... woooohoooo... i always wanted to get it... Ma tv had been red colourless for a long time and i told ma mum it was time we just go ahead and get the tv instead of saying end of the year,mid year bonus and all that crap... So i bought it la... I paid a big deposit so that i wun have to pay alot for the installment... Left with 1 year installment..

I liked the bundle alot... It came with the TV, A colour laser printer, a home theatre system, a 8" portable dvd player, $140 courts plus 5 years etended warranty... Yeay Yeay Yeay Yeay!!!!!!!!!! The TV came in last week... took a short while before we got used to the big screen... But now its normal oredi... Changed ma cable box yesterday to the digital one... and now i have Vijay TV... some of the programme there are nicer den that in Sun Tv... and i dun have to fight for the channels anymore.. i have ma own cable box in ma room now!

Was staying over at Vani's place on monday night.. had to finish up ma final year thesis draft one... Vani's dad asked me to stay over and so i did... So after completing ma work close to midnight and sendin it to ma lectuere in UK... Denash,Vani and I sat down to watch scream3... But ended up laughing about some dumb ads on SunTV... And at some point when we were actually watching TV... i was watching the two of them... they really seem made for each other.. i could picture how they would be say 3-4 years from now... as man and wife... Bliss.... I felt gud for them... and while Vani and i were sleeping in her room.. Denash came in to say bubye in the morning... thinkin i was gone sleeping like a log... He stroked her hair and whispered goodbye when she got up to tell him to drive safely and all... I was listening in the dark and i am so happy for ma fren who found her perfect match... or maybe... her imperfect match who fitted in with her inperfection perfectly... The next day i went back home to show ma face to ma parents in case they got worried.. and went back to her house as her dad and cooked lunch for us... There was this seafood cutlet he made that was soooooooooooooo nice... Den we sat down to watch the lousy sh*tty Vallavan... The best part in the entire movie is when Simbu's dad danced... Wow... power to de geduga!Hahaha.... Vani invited me to watch Spiderman 3 with her,Denash,Kuchi and Rajkumar(vani's younger bro)... As i am not a great fan of spider man... I turn down the offer... I followed them to Junction 8... Den left when it was time for their show... Finally i feel close to Denash.. Our frenship has been like an ice-cube... Before it melts completly we'll not meet for a long long time... I think this time de ice has broken for gud!!!.... I'm glad!

Geetha.. has been busy with her tuitions.. the mid year exams have started and so that explains it all... Aneetha has some gud news from wat i can gather from Geetha's blog... I shall wait for a meet... Contemplating on catching a movie later on ma own... i am enjoying solitude... Its great to be alone and u have all the chance to think and reflect on ya own... And i am enjoying it alot... But i am yearning for another night out with frens...filled with laughter and happiness... lets see... Have asked Mr Samuie, Ms Jay and Ms Ngiam out this weekend... Hopefully it works out.. Mr Sam u still owe me a Starbuck drink!Dinesh called and has asked me to come for band practice on Sunday at 12.30... asked Geetha and she dun feel gud coming since Dinesh didnt mention her name... I still think she shud come... Up to her la...

Okie.. i guess this is it for now... i'll probably go missing again... but i'll be back for sure... Take care till den!!!

Have u ever tried to fight the moon light?

I am not exactly a english song person... Tamil song is ma forte... but there were some english songs that i liked along the way... Thanks to frens and radio... I only have a few english CD's which i always bought with the Border's voucher i got from sec sch for topping class in Tamil... One such CD that i have with me till today would be the S club 7 album... I loved 2 songs in it, Have you ever and Dream Come True... Both had fantastic lyrics... till today whenever am driving alone.. i love to listen to these two songs... Here's why i love the lyrics... read it for urself!

Sometimes it's wrong to walk away
Though you think it's over
knowingThere's so much more to say
Suddenly the moment's gone
And all your dreams are upsidedown
And you just want to change
The way the world goes round

Tell me, Have you ever loved and lost somebody
Wished there was a chance to say I'm sorry
can't you see
that's the way I feel about you and me baby
Have you ever felt your heart was breaking
looking down the road You should be taking
I should know '
cause i loved and lostThe day i let you go

Can't help but think that this is wrong
We should be together be togather
Back in your arms where i belong
Now that when i realise it was forever that i found
And you just want to change the way The world goes round

I really wanna hear you say
That you know just how it feels
To have it all and let it slip away
Can't you see
even though The moment's gone
I'm still holding on somehow
Wish that i could change the way The world goes round

Tell me, Have you ever loved and lost somebody
Wished there was a chance to say I'm sorry
can't you see
that's the way I feel about you and me baby
Have you ever felt your heart was breaking
looking down the road You should be taking
I should know
'cause i loved and lostThe day i let you go

Another favourite song that i always listened to in ma sec sch or rather poly days..... I love the lyrics ones again!

Under a lover's sky
Gonna be with you
And no one's gonna be around
If you think that you won't fall
Well just wait until,
'till the sun goes down
Underneath the starlight starlight
There's a magical feeling so right
It will steal your heart tonight

You can try to resist
Not to hide from my kiss
But you know, but you know
That you, can't fight the moonlight
Deep in the dark
you'll surrender your heart
But you know, but you know That you,
can't fight the moonlight,
No-o you can't fight it
It's gonna get to you'r heart

There's no escaping love
Once a gen(t)le breeze (once a gentle breeze)
Sweeps it's spell upon your heart
No matter what you think
It won't be to long till your in my arms
Underneath the starlight starlight
We'll be lost in the rythm so right
It will steal your heart tonight

You can try to resist
Not to hide from my kiss
But you know, but you know
That you, can't fight the moonlight
Deep in the dark
you'll surrender your heart
But you know, but you know
That you, can't fight the moonlight,
No-o you can't fight it
No-o matter what you do
The night is gonna get to you.

(Your gonna know)
(That I know)
Don't try you're never gonna win

Underneath the starlight starlight
There's a magical feeling so right
It will steal your heart tonight

You can try to resist
Not to hide from my kiss
But you know, but you know
That you, can't fight the moonlight
Deep in the dark
you'll surrender your heart
But you know, but you know
That you, can't fight the moonlight,
No-o you can't fight it