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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I dunno whats with me and hot stuf... i mean literally.. U noe piping hot things... I scalded myself on Sunday while eating my instant noodles... I tilted my bowl too much and it spilled on my chest causing my chest scald and in the process of preventing further damage, i tilted the bowl the other way alil too much and the soup dripped on my leg causing my leg to get scalded as well...

Today, while eating breakfast i accidently hit iskandar annan's plastic of coffee and it started to drip, in an attempt to prevent it from drippin on to the floor i tried to collected the dripping coffee onto my bare hands.. and voila... it was freakin hot... My palms hurt even now.. Geez.. i am just too clumsy...

Okie.. had a good weekend again... thanks to my cousin... Yeay!.. Well have a few pictures to upload from the weekend which i again will upload again probably in a week or so... Sigh...

The o level prelims have started which means....? U got it. .i got more work to do as i got to prepare for the prac exams.. Tomolo is the combine sci paper.. just finished all that has to be done... Phew... Tomolo will be the last day Iskandar annan will be eating with me cos after that its puasa for a month... Sigh... Hmmm Okie... Gotta run now.. Knockin off from work.. Take care all and i love all of u my loved ones... Muah!!!

PS: Aneetha... I noe this is a rough phase for ya... God has something planned out for ya.. Everything is happening according to his will.. I am sure the clouds will move and the sun would be out again... Always remember u have a fren here and i am always hoping the best for ya.... Love ya loads and Muah!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Vanishree 22!

We met by chance some 5 yers ago.. We started walking on a journey together... Now when we look back at the path we took.. We smil, cry, frown, laugh and relate to the every emotion we shared! At the end of it all, all the battle, the arguments, the major turning points, the transformation to put it all in a single word, we still stand by each other...

At one point or another.. We may have felt comfortable in the company of others. that we may have neglected or taken each other for granted. But we still realised or at least myself, that i need you in my life... To be the one to share my laughter and my tears.. My happiness and my sorrow, My triumph and my failures.. In short this life of mine.. Many may feel awkward or odd to express such thoughts to a fren of their own sex group as it may seem too cheezy or rather homosexual... But i dun have such oddness as this woman i am talking about(and too) is not a mere fren but i sista... One whom god didnt give me thru my own mum's womb but thru another mum whom i regard as my own... I thank god again and again for that!

22... The number may seem as pretty as u... But it marks the end of ur 22 years of stuggle on mother earth.. But u noe wats interesting... The real struggle has just begun!.. I m glad my sista has found a great guy like Denash to share this "adventure" of life with... All i can tell you.. Be strong like how u always had been... and work real hard.. You gonna make it big.. And your dream life is now nowhere but within your reach...

Always remember, you have a sista here who loved ya for who u were, loves u for who u are and will love ya for whom you will be... Every single word here came about purely from the bottom of my heart and none of it is fake or insincere...

Last but not least!


With love,
From your Sista,

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pink Nike!

Thank you Vani for remembering my needs and fulfiling them though u have never been obligated to.. I love this gift from you and i love u more!


It was a fantastic end to the weekend when i met my cardiac clique on Sunday last week for lunch.. Sadly it was not the full grp as Dimas had some family thing to attend to.. But Nevertheless we had so much of fun and catching up! AIN IS WEARING A TUDUNG NOW!!! gosh i was totally shocked... She looks classy noe though.. i mean she always had la.. but its a lil diff.. Love ya still babe!Lunch at Breeks Marina Sq was gud and the company as usual better! Murni and Cik Sal
Yummy brownie we shared!
Crissy Crossy friesy!

The fish and chip which Miz bought only to distribute to all of us.. and she ended up eating only the fries! Silly gal!
Cajun Kebab!
Cajun Chix Chop! Yum!
This one was heaven.. For someone like me who dun really like milo.. i enjoyed it alot.. It had alot of Milo powder in it!
1 groupie...
Mrs Diana with me!
I'll miss ya cik Sal!
My pwetty pwetty Ain!
We even when on a boat ride from Esplanade to Clark Quay!

To our boat... Check out Murni's Reaction!
Haha.. Only Ain saw my cam!
Me... Me...
One more groupie without me..
And one more without cik Sal!
Do u see the Merlion Spittin?
Miz looking so sweet..
Mdm Stamford Fida!
One of the many bridges we crossed!

Teacher's day dinner 07!

Wow... Its my 200th entry! Yeay! Haha... well this entry is 2 weeks old.. It was the teacher's day dinner we attended on the 24th AUg... It was held at Turf City and i gotta say the food was bad!... But i had fun with the company i had.. It was so fun!!! The first 2 to post for a pic.. Our new member in the gang, Irwan with Bro Isk!
Ma mum with Mdm Vasanthi!
We were sitted at table 10.. which was the table nearest to the entrance.
The fun guys... Faiz had joined us by then!
Me with my dear Rina!
Another one with her!
The door gift for the dinner!
The not-at-all good food!
My mum with HER gang!
The guys sitting at our table!
Rina has a laughing disorder!Longest lasting members!
Drug addict!
Faiz is trying to act sweet here!
Act serious only!
Irwan was gonna luff anytime soon.. Who wudnt with Faiz and his face like tat?
A sweet pic of us all!
Rina and I!
Saturday Night Fever.. Eh work on ya arse first la!
Bad recommandation!
Ma mum with her fav teacher!
Mdm Tay in her lovey mood!
Me trying to pose pose!
If only i was slim... Haiz!