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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Getting Hitched...

It feels like i just went to Boon Lay Primary School.. It feels like i just met Nooria.. and last month i witnessed her wedding... It was a rather strange feeling for me to see her in her bridal attire as we literally grew up together and it was strange as she entered the next major phase of her life... But i am definitely happy for her.. tremendously.. i love that gal to bits and i just wanna see her happy.. so here are some of the shots i took at her wedding..

The first scene i saw when i entered the hall and i kind of teared.. Yeah i did!

Halimah Yacob was a special guest at the wedding.. Nooria sumbody la.. haha!

Pretty gal smiling at me...

I was so glad to see her smile like that..
Mummy dear and Gumzy..

Elizabeth and Thulasi!
My pretty woman in her 2nd outfit.. Stunnin...
I felt she was just so gorgeous...
One family shot..
My frens and i.. whose next?

I cant do it!!!

You know... i really thought i could leave this site... leave all the memories i have collected within this one page... where ppl came and ppl left.. strangers became frens and close ones became complete strangers...

I even started the new site.. only for me to close it down and come back to good ol' home.. haha.. yeah i am keeping this place.. to show to my kids... who knows even my grandkids..

So for now.. I AM BACK!!!!