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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Big M

I noe i got like alot to upload and alot to write abt.. Bt i am juz so tired of everything.. I thought i understand alot of things.. but i now realise i am wrong.. I cant seem to share my feelings to ANYONE.. I juz feel numb.. Something is botherin me.. Something seem to be missin in ma life.. But i juz dun noe wat.. Life is all abt studyin and makin money to support maself.. So mechanical.. routine.. so mundane...

Is this what i wan.. a life all abt working or upgradin for something so simple as Money...

Haiz.. I am in one of ma downslope moodswings.. Hope u guys out dere are doing better.. Have a great day tomolo peepz..

Sunday, February 26, 2006

love test

I read this somewhere and i thought it was kinda true.. hmmmm So for those of ya who are wondering if u are in love... Use this to juz like u noe.. double check...

As soon as you get online -
whose name do you look at first

when you hear your phone ringing -
whom do you hope it is calling

when a love song comes on the radio -
whose face comes to your mind

whose name makes your heart skip a beat
everytime you hear it

who is it that you always find yourself thinking about -
wondering if they are thinking about you

so now u should noe who u love!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mr Vijay

Why do u have to be married???? Why must i be so young? Why was i not a daughter of a big shot in the States..??? Why Why Why????
I AM OBSESSED WITH THE GUY IN THE PICTURE... TERRIBLY PPL!!! arghhhhhhhhh.. This cannot be.. he is married and he is an ACTOR!!! hahaha.. I think the exam stress is getting to me that i get all de weird dreams... Okie... Now back to ma books..!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

VDay Special!

Hey its not really a bad idea to attend three hours of medical microbiology lecture if ya have a crazy fren.. And for me that crazy fren was none other den..... Yeap is the goofy woman u see on the pic above.. Ma fren YingLi.. She is supposedly ma lesbo partner.. cos in our jing bang gang.. she and i are the oni two singles.. so we decided to become lesbos.. (Dimas u r still the main one of cos....!!!) So we told each other the day before to bring chocies for each other as it is V day.. I got us like 2 bags each containin a mini mars, mini snickers, mini twix and mini M&M peanuts...
YingLi got this very yummy strawberry gums coated in chocholate.. and this choco cookie with white chocolate and macademia nuts on it.. Hmmmmm Very yummy.. So we were busy munchin away during class as we were almost falling asleep.

Hehe check out the two happy women... and check out how "big" the class was.. come on.. It was Vday and guess wat.. while we were having lesson, a guy knoked on our door holing a big bouquet of roses and saying he wans to deliver it someone.. and guess wat.. he was actually the gal's bf.. so creative and sweet eh... hmmm... not bad.. well we were too tired and decided to leave during the break time.. so yeah.. that was Vday this yr... Hot lecture with a hot lesbo partner.. hmmmmm!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ramli Burger!

For the first time ever, i juz tried the Ramli Burger... All the while i didnt eat it cos i have seem them cookin the beef and chicken patties on the same hot plate. But ma mum asked me a logical question, "how sure are you that in the malay stalls u eat at, they dun cook their chicken in the same wok or pan they cook the beef? ".. Hmm logical qn... So yeah.. I decided to give it a try and juz now when i went to the Pasar malam near ma workplace, i bought the chicken Ramli Burger.. Somemore wrapped in egg.. So yum yum... actually okok la.. I bet it would taste better at shops in the country of it origin, Malaysia, like wat Vani said.. Hmm shud try it when i go to JB next time..

V Day = Vic Day...

So the day alot of ppl were looking forward to.. or maybe dreading abt is here.. V day.. Personally i am not a big fan of Vday.. Well not juz because i have neba celebrated it with any men b4..(btw Vday is NOT lover's day, Its supposed to be Loved ones day.. ) but basically i am not in favour of this day allocation to emphasise on ya feelings for any of ya loved one.. Love is supposed to be 24/7... 365 days round the year.. But some of ya still send me messages wishing me Happy Vday.. Well. Thanks ppl and A very Happy V Day To All Of Ya... But this is indeed an impt day as someone real close to ma heart turns 21 today.. Who else but Vic.. Ma best fren.. Okie.. Here's a short message to him.. I hope he wud read this...

Hey dude.. this wud be the 8th birthday u celebrating ever since we became frens back in 1998. Time really flies huh..? From the cute fellow who was scared of everything to the hunk today.. U may have changed but our frenship remain.. Although we faced hiccups in some parts of this 8yrs.. Our frenship emerged strong amidst all the problem.. No matter how many ppl come into ma life... How many of them leave it.. U wud remain there as the same old Vicky i got to know 8 yrs back.. Thanks for being part of ma life... Luv ya dude.. Happy 21st Birthday and have a great Vday with ya new found love, Sangeetha.. Have fun love...

Wait A min.... So is V Day = Vic Day...? Hmmmmm!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

6 crazy ladies...

Well well.. Dear cardiac gals.. here are the pictures u have all been waiting for... Well.. Ma darling gals and i decided to meet up on the 4th of this month... As it was Chingay, Ain cudnt join us.. U all noe la Ain is now the dancer babe oredi.. hmm. Miss ya gal!!! Murni decided not to come last min.. So it was juz the 6 of us.. Dimas, Saleha, Fida, Mis, Diana and maself of cos.. Plan A was to go to Fish n Co near Park Mall.. But Mis was not in de mood for Seafood i guess.. So we decided to heard for Swensen's At PS.. Strangely Mis had Crayfish Pasta which is seafood oso rite.. **knocks de head on da wall**.. Cute la Mis.. Wat wud happen when 6 ladies who have been deprived of each other for say almost 3 months meet? If u guessed crazy fun, den ya darn rite.. We had the best time gossiping, laughin and snapping away, over dinner and the yummy desserts.. So here are the pictures of that eveing.. Oh.. We are the Depressed, Lost and Confused team... Cute Mis and Dimas...
Check out the woman who is gettin boobilicious again..
Fida and her dudu face.. Noone wud believe she is a policewoman la.. And the
Pretty Sal and Diana...

The wonderful ladies present for the great evening out...
The wise lady of de gang.. Cik Sal.. or is Mama Leha..

Hmm... Do we hear wedding bells.. or at least engagement bells???

THe sexy hot diva of de gang.. and i am trying so hard to imitate her..
The policewoman Fida.. Yesh Mdm!!!
Here's a groupie minus our Saleha who had to leave..
Now a groupie close up... I luv ma gals...

After dinner we decided to like window shop ard PS.. But it was oredi 9 and strangely most stores were oredi closing.. We thought of catchin a show but as it was Sat.. U noe la.. Darn packed.. Sal had ta leave as her family was going to JB and she had to follow dem.. So de remainning us walked all de way down to City Hall.. De same route we took when we went out on our very last paper in Poly.. As in the last paper of our poly life.. So nice to like look back and tok abt the past.. At City hall.. Mis and Fida left.. So me, Dimas and Diana who felt that it was too early to end the evening.. Decided to walk down to Esplanade and den down to Clarke Quay.. We juz enjoyed the long walk and the breeze and our never ending gals tok.. tired.. we headed for some drinks at Coffee Bean b4 sharing a Cab back home.. It was all worthwhile wid ma babes.. Btw.. 7ANGELS... Can we PLS make it a point to meet on every first Saturday of the Month.. This coming March 1st Sat wud be, strangely the 4th Again.. U gals on? Someone decide on the place this time.. preferable some nice authentic asian cuisine pls.. i am sick of western food... hehe... Take care Galz.. and luv u all!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Its A Picsy Wicsy Daieeeeeee...

Well.. as i promised earlier... here are the pictures i have taken like forever to upload... to start it off... Vj and Kavin's combined bday celebration...

Kavin's Birthday was on the 27th of Dec n Vj's was on the 31st.. So ma and Vani brought both of them out for their bday treat.. it was so fun to be out with Kavin after such a long time.. He is the cute crazy fellow i always knew... We went to Swensen's for the bday firehouse.. the darn had to repeat ma order and spoil ma surprise for the guyz.. damn... But it all went well.. den we went on to glutton bay for dinner.. The char kway teow there is de best.. u guys gotta go try it.. We had a great time together and here u go with the pictures..

Kavin darling had a belated 21st birthday celebration his yr.. point to not.. his birthday was on de 27th of December.. but he celebrated it juz this yr... It was a simple and fn celebration.. in the band gang.. me, Vani, Vj, Sathia Annan, his wife, Ma mummy, Gumzie and Denash.. Vasu uncle cooked for the occasion and the food was... Fantastic.. He is gonna cook for ma 21st if i am ever gonna celebrate tat is.. After a very long long time i actually went to de dance floor and danced with Vani.. Sen, me, ma mum and Gumzie shared a cab.. and guess wat ma thupid sister dropped the Digicam in de cab.. so darn irritating.. but it was fun evening other den that.. Here are the pictures...

I was very happy when i got ma free zoo passes.. But ma first disappointment came when most of ma frens where not able to go as they were working or due to other commitments.. So it was juz me and Nava.. Den came the second disappointment.. ma sis misplacing ma digicam.. So it started off real bad.. we had to get to AMK to juz get de cam back.. den came disappointment 3.. The rain was ultimately horrible.. And the 4th disappointment was.... I DIDNT BRING THE ZOO PASSES....Arghhhhh.. How much more horrible get the day get...???? So we ended up with a gud meal aat KFC at the Zoo. and some foto taking... Not wanting to waste the day we headed for Aaru.. The song Pakkaathe was really fantastic... Here are the pictures..

Pongal this yr was fantastic.. with the 3 impt ppl in ma life.. hehe.. yeah.. so cute.. juz check out de pictures.. esp those of ma niece.. she is like the cutest lil gal i noe..