Punitha, Nitha, Puni, Punz - WHATEVER!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Another Week!

hello everyone.. as i promised.. here i am.. at work again and yes yes its as boring as ever.. ma mum has locked herself up in one of the chem lab and is takein her afternoon nap.. me unable to sleep, is here typing away and chattin wid ma Nava darl! Well well well.. nothing interestin happened this weekend.. Friday was sleep day.. got home ate a real early dinner n off i went to lala land till like 2 next day.. haha.. n Saturday was again a bore.... nothin to do and nowhere to go.. suppose to have a Sec sch tamil class gathering... but too last min and plans got a lil messed up.. so cancelled it.. waited up till 9 and watched prathana vizha.. pretty boring this yr.. but glad Ismath and Poorany got the awards.. Den back to lala land.. and Sunday got up at ard 3pm.. and was watchin TV till Monica came by to practice song.. So had a gud time singing n luffin with tat crazy gal.. den was tokin crap and watchin Tv wid mum n sis.. and at ard 11.30 went back to bed.. but cudnt sleep.. ma dad got home real late so was awake thru out and had a bit of sleep here n there... n den here i am at work.. doing wat i do best.. gettin glued to ma PC.. at least am gettin paid to do it.. Sighz.. orite.. me juz made maself a cup of homemade lime juice made of limes fresh from the garden here.. haha.. at least they got that here.. n oh ya gotta go and pluck de ripped mango waitin for me.. see ya guys real soon den!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Week On Da Job!

Hey guyz...pretty long long week this is for me.. cos its ma first week at work as a Lab Technical Support Officer... de position sounds cheam eh.. but trust me de jobz a bore... i simply sit and waste time.. at least it is like this for now.. cos de kids r havin exams and so practicals are all cancelled and i am chasing flies away.. so i sit in front of the computer.. thank got they got one here n better still with internet connection.. so i spent ma day juz surfin da net chattin wid frens in web messenger n doing blogs like this one.. monday was plain boring..but tuesday got a lil better cos i went to watch movie wid Vani after work at Marina. We had a complementry pass each so decided to hit de cinema.. and we caught this show called Coach Carter.. pretty neat show with a simple story of a basketball coach who had to work hard to improve his teams playing skills as well as their life skills.. as most of dem were so ignorant abt wats impt in life.. was shivering in de theatres and had been sleepless since Sunday nite.. so was pretty tired.. so after de show we walked back and headed home.. i was dead tired and believed i would be able to sleep at last.. was wrong.. couldnt sleep and ended up wid fever and terrible flu.. next morning...was darn sick n didnt go to work.. saw the doc.. now polyclinics su*ks! i waited for like 2hrs to see de doc.. and all she gave me was antibiotics and panadol and juz 10 cold tabz.. moron..got home took ma medicine and off i went to lala land.. woke up oni at 8pm.. and ma dad started his naggin.. so i locked maself in ma room n was watchin beautiful illusions , eye for a guy n finally ma Amazin race started.. i so wanted Rob n Amber to lose.. they were sooo cunning.. so wat if its a game.. ppl shud have character.. but all they had was attitude and a bad one at that! As i wanted Uechenna n Joyce won after all the trouble they went thru.. they had to beg n Joyce was like so heart broken.. but hey.. they wun have to beg ever again! Rob face juz died! den i surfed de net for a while and went back to sleep after takin like 4 cold tabz. i noe am crazy.. Thursday was quite fast.. went to work.. ate n ate n ate.. i think i am recovering and cos of that i was feelin so hungry..i bought ma new mattress after work.. got home.. watched tv.. went to meet Monica Rajoo, had dinner wid her n gumz @ LJS.. bumped onto Sha and we started bitchin abt sec sch.. haha.. was real funny.. got home took medicine, spoke to Kanesh and Monica.. she wanted to noe so badly abt wat happened btw me n Ben... she cares alot abt me.. den off i went to lala land.. Hmmm den came today.. Friday.. i slept for de first time at work.. for like 2 hrs.. damn wat can i do.. sooo bored.. den when for lunch wid mum at de school canteen where aparantly there was nothin.. bought chicken rice which tasted sooo bad.. but juz ate it.. got back and here i am.. typing away and chattin away..gonna go back and juz sleep ma nite off or maybe get up late at nite n tok to ma darling Vani n gang.. tomolo me gonna most probably get stuck at home and juz wait for Pradhana Vizha.. haha.. i juz wan Janeni to win some awards.. i like her...!! Sundayz gonna be plaine as well.. probably meet Monica for song practice.. yeah.. that shud be ma week.. so unless i got somethin interestin happenin in the next 24-36 hrs, will see u all again on Monday... another boring week awaits.. !! tata guyz!~!~!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Day One @ Work!!!

Oh god.. its de most boring thing i have ever come acrossed.. all ma past jobs were very fast moving and hectic positions.. Let it be a crew position at Mac or ma barista position at Starbuck or even ma cardiac tech post at NHC... time flew as there were so much to do.. but here i am tryin every possible way to let this day pass asap.. i am a relieve technical support officer in the chem/bio lab of Hong Kah Sec Sch...! and am actually at work now.. and u noe wat i am yet to even sign ma attendence as ma officer in charge is not even at work yet and is oni coming in at 10am... arghhhhhh... i seriously hope i would get the CGH job.. and i can happily move in with ma bro and sis in law and ma baby niece.. or better still persuade ma parents to move to Pasir Ris... Life is so boring now after poly.. am missin sch sooo much.. well.. me better get going.. gotta go see that "late for work" officer at 10.. hope all u ppl have a great day today...!!