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Friday, April 27, 2007

The Landlord

You guys gotta gotta gotta see this...
I just didnt noe how to react!

The ONE...

Okie... so when are u old enuff to start planning your future... Okie lets start with what is defined as future for many... (the indian context)

1. Education- A degree is like a must or even considered nothing... For an indian(locals).. I believe its at least a Diploma.. lately more ppl are doing their undergrad education... And of cos there are the high flyers who go on to finish up their masters or PhD... And not forgetting those who do double or triple PhD...

2. Find that one Job- That pays well... Has no so call politics, no colour or race discrimination(as claimed by some), one that keeps one interested in it... or at least grow some interest in it... Has ample opportunity for career developement...

3. Buy a car- One that looks ultra cool... yet dosent bite ya hands interms of financially... Modify it so it will look all cool(not)...

4. Find THE ONE- for the guys, pretty face, slim, has at least a diploma, loving caring, can cook, noes how to do the household chores without demanding for a maid... Willing to have as many kids as possible... Dun question abt social habits...Dosent bother when watching the much anticipated EPL match...

For the gals, Tall, dark, handsome... Has at least degree... Has a good job... Has a car... Able to cook... Prepared to share the household chores or willing to hire a good maid... Dun bring up the topic about kids unless both are ready in everyway for it... Able to be a good father... Dun question abt all the gals nite out... Dun disturb when watching the very important episode of 'America's Next Top Model'...

5. Get a house- One of those very new and nice HDB flats or the mouth watering condominiums...

6. Have kids- One for the dad... One for the Mom...

Well... Though not all have the same perspective about their futures... Somewhat or rather, this is the crust of it all... Ok i may have exaggerated a lil here and there... But i think most of it would be agreeable... So now that we noe wat we mean when we say 'Future'...When do we start planning it...
Up till a certain stage.. Our parents impose upon us what they think and feel is a perfect future... But we end up not following them(or some may) after a certain point of time... So when is it the right time? Is age a matter? or is it just a number? In ma opinion it maybe just a number yet sometimes certain things have to be completed at a certain age.. i am not gonna quote examples here... For me i think i am in a position to now to start planning for it... I dun see why i shud wait and enjoy life before anything... Sorry la... i am not the enjoying type! Maybe i am when i have to... But life is only enjoyable when everything is in place and the worries are off the mind!I am not saying we shud not have any problems in order to have a great life.. life needs problems... or we'll take it for granted... Okie i lost ma mood to continue this as ma head is pounding... Maybe i'll something else... okie toodles...

Friday, April 20, 2007

The 10 special ones!

Name 10 ppl u can think of right off e top of ur head.
Dun read the qns underneath until you write the names of all 10 ppl.
This is a lot funnier if u actually randomly list the names 1st. No cheating!

1. Vic aka Bible aka Vicnesh
2. Vani
3. Geetha
4. Vanitha
5. Milky aka Balraj
6. Smitha
7. Radhika
8. Kavin
9. Guna
10. Iskandar Annan

How'd u meet 3?
Haha.. Cos yet not by a mutual someone... I guess i shud say fate was the reason how and why i met her!

What would you do if you had never met number 1?
I would not have had a shoulder to cry on when i was at ma lowest moments... I would not have met a family who are so much like mine!

What would you do if 6 and 2 weregoing out?
We have ever been out together and the classic one was the crashin at number 2's place when 6 claimed to be sober when she was so not ah... and not forgetting the elephant trunk.. eeeks!

Have you ever seen 4 cry?
Haha.. we have seen and made each other cry a fair bit... but i still love her to bits!

Where did you meet number 10?
Ma beloved colleague... i met him here at work and i am so glad i saw a fren in him.. he is a great fren anyone can have!

How do you know 8?
Kavin.... our passion for music brought him, his family and me together.. today he is another one of those whom i treasure alot...

What do you think about 7?
Namma paruva panni(inside joke) this gal is a sweet thing... a sister not mine yet mine!

What would you do if 5 confessed they loved you?
Oh he did... he confessed how much he loves me and the whole ging bang via sms last nite... A fantastic fren!!!

A fact/or something about 9?
Fantastic Singer... An a weakling when it comes to love... I mean who isnt huh?

Who is 2 going out with?
She has been out with me for like 5 out of 7 days in the past week... but if u ask the kind of who she's seeing... den its none other den nam naatu kudimagan, Denash!

What's 4 do for a living?
She cleans pony asses... oops... no la.. she works for her aunt at some pony stable and accessory shop...

Would you ever live with number 8?
With his entire family... Hell yeah...A family anyone wud root to have... And him a brother i neba had!

Where does 3 live?
Geetha... She lives in the outskirts of civilisation... Jalan Bumbong it seems!

What do you like about number 1?
His kid like behaviour at times... Onli ppl close to him wud get to see that see of him.. am glad and honored to be such a fren of his!

Is 2 your best friend?
Nah... Scandal... OoooooOoOOO... Darn.. If oni Denash was not in the picture... ok nvm... But Best is too simple to describe our frenship!

Do you miss number 3?
Yeah... That woman lives on her tuition la.. wah wah wah.... She better make it a point to meet me for dinner this weekend... (hints)

What is your opinion of number 5?
This guy... A kid hidden in a policeman boy!... What is he not.. Passionate dancer, Entertaining emcee... amusing comedian, aspiring producer,director....Most importantly a good son, loving brother and a fren who treasures those who mean alot to him but has problem showing it... He is our dearest Milky and as of now also known as karuppaan puchi lover!

Is 10 a power ranger?
He strongly disagreed to it... He is just a tired man now who is resting on our office couch!

Whether anot i mentioned ur name here... all ma frens mean the world to me!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dreadful Saturday, yummy friday!

Here i am in ma office on a saturday morning when i am supposed to be at home on ma bed dreaming away... But wat am i doing.. idling away in the office and the best part is that i forgot ma glasses... Dun ask me how i can even forget it... When a person is all cranky having been forced to wake up early on one of the only two days i get to sleep all i want... Things happen... So i decided to blog on ma fantastically exciting friday...

Day started as usual... I slept at like 4 in the morning after talking to Balraj and Vani.... So went to work all sleepy and decided to take 1/2 day off as i was really going bongus... So i left for home at ard 12.30, ma colleague send me home... tried to sleep and i cudnt.. so i decided to bring forward Velu puppy's grooming appointment and brought him over to Teban Garden... He was such a cute thing... he was all scared when we got ther but the other dogs there loved him... The golden retriever i saw there, oscar... was such a sweet thing... he was like the big brother ard and he was so loving to Boy... I decided to clip it down for boy which means he goes almost botak... I think he's not liking it as he had always had a thick coat of fur sine birth till now which is like for 2 years... The fellow was shivering at one point of time and was barking for me... when they finally handed him back to me he was like in his own way complaining about how cruel the man in the mask was to take all his hair from him... he was this ultra cute thingey.. i'll post pictures of his new looks real soon for ur viewing pleasure...

Finding a cab to transport him back home was a bitch.. Imagine this... I had a bag of shampoo and food for boy, carrying him as it was rainning and the ground was ultra wet... Then an umbrella to shelter the both of us... None of the bloody cab stopped... I mean if they were malay drivers i wud totally understand.. but all of them were non-muslims... finally one stopped for us and that too reluctantly and probably cos he took pity of the state i was in... Got home only for ma father to doubt if i had really brought our puppy or someone elses... He was totally shocked abt Boy's new look... boy stayed around dad then probably fearing that i might bringing back to that place and put him thru the traumatising process all over again, not that he had any left on his body for it... i videocalled ma mum and colleague to show ma boy off... soon a short nap followed before i got up to get ready for the dinner at ma principal's place(the one from the sch i work at)

It was a thanksgiving and send of dinner for the exchange programme students from india along with the teachers and students frm our school for helping out thruout the programme... I was invited and so ma mum and i went over... Was a bitch finding the place as the address given was sala... finally did and though i was hungry like crazy(the first and last meali had for the day was at 9 in de morning and i had not eaten anything since then... ) Just took very lil(and i mean extremely lil) food just to not offend the host who invited us for the dinner, as i had dinner plans with the ging bang... Chatted with the indian students and at ard 8.30 i send ma mum and 2 other colleagues back before picking Vani up at marsling and we went to Woodgrove Al Ameen.. Milky joined us shortly and soon Gumutha and Kuchi joined us too... Vic aka bible cudnt join he finished duty late and was dead tired to meet...

It was THE best dinner i had in a very long time... We talked,laughed,gossiped and i had the best time... Balraj was at his best, cracking us up... I really loved the "Army,AirForce and Guess wat?" joke... I was really laughing ma hearts out...and its been a long time since i laughed like that... Both Milky and i were working the next day and yet, we stayed there talking till like 1 plus... Denash den came to pick Vani up... And he joined the chat and we continued chatting for a while before Milky took the tab... **thanks for the dinner milky** Kuchi, Milky,ma sister and i den shared a cab back home... It was awesome awesome awesome... i am still luffing to maself thinking of some of the jokes he said...

That pretty much summarises the fantabulous day i had...Meeting Vanz and Radz later today.. and Vic for lunch maybe.. i duno i feel so sleepy and i really need to get some before i go out later... Okie.. Done for now... see ya guys soon in the next entry... toodles!

now that i got a dose of it... the heart yearns for more of it... Its not healthy!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dun go... Pogadhae...

Okie its time for another song ppl... Okie I noe Geetha would be totally interested... But for the others who loved songs with beautiful lyrics... This is for u... Though Yuvan is not an excellent singer... He has rendered this song wonderfully as its suiting the mood of the song perfectly...

Pardon me for ma crude translation...Its for ma frens who like tamil songs but are unable to appreciate the song totally due to language barrier!

Pogadhae (Deepavali)

Pogadhae Pogadhae (Dun go, Dun go)
Nee Irunthaal Naan iruppaen (I live if u stay)

Pogadhae Pogadhae (Dun go, dun go)

Nee Pirinthaal Naan Irappaen (If u leave, i'll die)

Unnodu Vaazndha Kaalangal Yaavum (The times when when i lived with you)

Kanavaai Ennai Mooduthadi (Is overwhelming me like a dream)

Yaarendru Neeyum Ennai Paarkum Pothu (When U look at me wondering who i am)

Uyirae Uyir Poguthadi (Oh my soul, my soul is drifting away from me)

Kallaraiyil Kooda Jannal Ondru Vaithu (I will even make a window on ma tomb)

Unthan Mugam Paarpenadi (to just look at your face)

Pogadhae Pogadhae

Nee Irunthaal Naan Iruppaen

Pogadhae Pogadhae

Nee Pirinthaal Naan Irappaen

Kalainthaalum Megam (Even when messed up)

Athu Meendum Mithakkum (The clouds would float ones again)

Athu Pola Thaanae (That's how)

Unthan Kathal Enakkum (Your love is for me)

Nadaippaathai Vilakka Kathal (Is love like the street lamps)

Vidintha Udan Anaippatharkku (To be turned off in the morning)

Neruppaalum Mudiyaathamma (Even the fire, my dear)

Ninanivugailai Azhippatharkku (Cannot destroy the memories)

Unakkaaga Kaathiruppaen...Oh oh... (I'll be waiting for you..Oh.. Oh...)

Uyirodu Paarthiruppaen..oh...Oh...(I'll stay alive to look out for you...Oh...Oh...)

Pogadhae Pogadhae

Nee Irunthaal Naan Iruppaen
Pogadhae Pogadhae

Nee Pirinthaal Naan Irappaen

Azghana Neram (Beautiful moments)

Athai Neethaan Koduthaai (It was you who gave me those)

Azhiyaatha Sogam (Unforgettable sorrow)

Athaiyum Neethaan Koduthaai (It was you again, who gave me that)

Kan Thoongum Neram Parthu (When one is a sleep)

Kadavul Vanthu Ponathu Poal (How they say god appears)

En Vazhvil Vanthe Aanai (U became just like god, in ma life)

Aemattram Thaangalaiyae (I cannot bear the disappoinment)

Penne Nee Illaamal..... (Gal without you.....)

Bhoologam Iruttiduthey.... (The world has grewn dark...)

Pogadhae Pogadhae
Nee Irunthaal naan Iruppaen

Pogadhae Pogadhae

Nee Pirinthaal Naan Irappaen

PS: For those who didnt watch the movie... The scenario is whereby... Boy loves gal... Gal loves boy... But Gal had had an accident prior to meeting boy causing her to lose her memory abt the past 3 years of her life... So she meets boy and falls in love... At some point of time.. alot of ppl whom she had gotten to noe at that 3 yrs duration, comes in her life and is shocked to hear she dun noe them.... Knowing her condition she expresses her frustration abt her condition to her love and he takes her to a neuro doctor... He explains that she can regain her memory with regular medication and rest and relaxation, but the setback wud be that she wud forget everything that happened after her accident... Which means she wun remember her boy... Which will indeed happen after the usual masala that always happens in tamil movies... So she will forget him and will ask him who he is when he comes again into her life after she loses all memory of him... This song will feature the things he will do to try bring himself back into her memories... I hope u get the picture...

This song goes out to the ppl i have lost in ma life...Either their dead or no longer active in ma life... The reasons maybe anything... But the memories of our good times together would always be in ma heart... Save and sound! Dun go... Dun go... from ma memories at least....

Monday, April 09, 2007

Good Friday?

The long weekend that we were hoping upon for a pretty long time since the chinese new yr break came and went in a jiff.... I would say mine was pretty orite... doing wat i wanted and love to do... Spending quality time with ppl who matter the most to me... Let me list out what i did.. for my own benefit...

Thursday Night

Went out to Jurong East Central and IMM with ma sister... wanted to catch a movie but we were late for the 7plus shows and so decided to forget it and just do some window shopping... So we decided on IMM... Took the shuttle servcie down and headed to Secret Recipie for Cakes... Ended up buy Chocz Chip Walnut cake and Iced Mocha which ma sis insisted on getting despite me telling her that it would be a lil too bitter for her liking... But our fren being the smart alec she is, still got it and ended up giving the choking expression... Thank god there was sugar syrup and so she was able to finish her drink and she in fact enjoyed it den... We den walked around IMM looking at the many things we can possibly buy when i get my pay and even planned wat to buy when i get ma mid yr bonus in July... Den we went to Giant to get Pet food for velu puppy and qued up for like 1/2 just to pay for the 2 packet of caser pet food at the EXPRESS counter somemore... sheesh... Got home, and got to bed...


I had an awful dream to start the morning... Kesu,Kavin,Gumutha and maself were driving into an expressway... Kavin was driving the car and out of dunno wat he decides to speed up and Crash!!!!! we crash on to a car infront of us, move back in the impact and go crashing at the car again... And u noe what the best part was... None of the other three got hurt and only i.. yeah urs trully me... had a severe concussion and was bleeding from every possible holes on the face... The incidents that followed this in the the dream disturbed me immensely that i cudnt take ma mind off it...

We were having band prac that evenin at uncle's place so i decided to stay home for the afternoon...Vic called to inform that he was getting a car for the weekend and wanted to borrow my P-Plates... So he came by with his mom, whom i missed so much... and it was so gud to see her.. she seemed pretty shaken by our fren's driving and immediately volunteered to sit behind allowing me to sit with Vic at the front when we went to the nearby petrol kiosk to top up petrol...

Got home and decided to call uncle to check exactly wat time he was expecting us over as i had to inform Geetha... Wah... He had to cancel it la... He was sick and decided to cancel the rehersals...Ma sister who was out on a movie date was supposed to go over to his place st but made a detour back home to get me ma fav MOS Peach Tea and had to cancel plans with her frens cos of the prac.. When she got home she was screaming her heads off as she wanted to be out with her frens... She said she was gonna go out again.. and so i was smsing Geetha abt the cancelling and was asking abt meeting up for dinner for which she didnt respond at all.. Got me worried and i was wondering what cud have gone wrong...

But ma sister changed her mind and decided to not meet her frens which made both of us planless for the evening and we decided to go to Jurong Point... Thought of catching a movie and qued up for Mr Bean Holiday 9pm show onli foir it to be almost sold out with only the first row from the front left... Decided against movie and went to window shop... And ended up buying a dress...FOR ME....yeay! the last time i got a dress was for ma 21st bday celebration... Just then Geetha called to inform that she had left her handfone at home when she went for tuition and apologised.. Asked her if she wanna come over to JP and she said she wud lemme noe if her mum was ok with it... Mean while ma sis and i decided to stay on and catch the 11.10 show...

We headed to long john silver's for our dinner and i decided to call Kavin as i was still disturbed by the dream i had earlier that morning... Tat fellow was having a hell of a gud time there in Thailand..Spoke to him for a while and he was upset that his mum was upset abt somethings at home...So i called aunty and spoke to her for awhile... Something kept bugging me still and i decided to send Kesu a long sms... I have neba send such a message to Kesu and i have neba been ma caring self with him either.. I guess he was surprised,shocked,taken aback.. whatever... He replied asking if anything was wrong and i denied(though there was something wrong)...He was not giving up and replied a lil irritated next... And i again denied... Finally he called and demanded tat io shud tell whatever it was that i knew and he didnt.. So i used the dream to get out ofit and he immediately thought he actually died in the accident, in the dream(touchwood) and i quickly assured him he got away unhurt and it was me who got damaged... He started asking abt me and how i was and all.. Its been a long time.. I have a soft spot for as in i care alot for him and all... But i neba showed... And it was the same thing for him... He cared alot for me but he just wudnt wanna give up his garang, act cool, outlook.... Finally we wished each other a great evening as he was out with his fren(gf) or wat la..

Geetha cudnt join us as she was following her mum out for dinner... and so ma sis and 1 watched the movie on our own... i have to admit it was a darn funny show... But I somewhat or rather prefered his first movie... But this show had its own whacky moments la... I enjoyed it and so did ma sis... We den caught a cab back home... I spoke on the fone with Geetha and Aneetha and Aneetha went off to sleep as she had classes to teach the next day... Geetha and I continued talking abt the many things that affected us and sang the many songs we both liked... We finally hit the sack at ard 5 in the morning...


I slept all the way till 12 noon and got up just in time to watch some movie on tv... Den i got things ready for the function i was singing at that nite... Got ready and left ard 5 plus almost 6... Finalised the songs and the order and at ard 6.30 Geetha arrived... I must say she looked real sweet in her Punjabi Suit... I wore a Saree and Gumz wore a Punjabi Suit...Guna for once wore a Jippa top... Karim uncle was his usual self la.. and wore his famous checked shirt... His son came along and played Bass Guitar for the live band... we started playin at ard 8.30pm... We rendered most of the songs we practiced earlier and i was glad Geetha got to sing her fav Muthal Muthalaaga which we didnt practice at all... She had fun singing from what i saw... When we finished all the stupid band ppl left us to pack by ourselves.. Which was an elderly man and 3 ladies... Basket. we were furious... But another uncle helped us and some young boys joined in later... Geetha went off with her old, long lost fren who was the fotographer for the function...Gumz and I shared a cab with Vasu uncle's niece,Bhavani akka and her son Sachein as Uncle will be travelling with her hubby in his pick up with all the things... Baby Sachein is soooo cute... He has a nice chubby face and big eyes.. He will be turning 1 this May which is why Kavin is taking a flight back in May...To celebrate the lil fellow's bday...

Got home...Changed up and went for dinner with Gumz to the Mac near ma place.... Got home spoke to Geetha and turned in at ard 2... It was a tiring day...


Woke pretty early at 11...(this early compared to the normally late timing i get up at on weekends) Was in time for Alaipayuthey.... Am not a big fan of Manirathnam movies... One main reason is that his movies are usually "dark"....And this makes me feel sad... Even if the storyline or scene is not a sad one... But Alaipayuthey was the one movie i loved from his stable.. Cos it was youthful, it was colourful(maybe cos of the pachai niramae song that featues almost all the basic colours...), it has the song i love with all ma life, it has the couple that many would die to be(minus the marryin behind parents' back and leaving home)... So i sat thru the almost 3 hours and den played with Velu puppy... He is getting smarter and smarter... he starting to eat ice cream... and he loves sharing my bed with me, cuddling up close when its raining(he is super scared of the rain) Took a short nap as i had made plans with Geetha to meet for dinner at Woodlands... Finally went off to woodlands at ard 8 to meet her and Aneetha... We had Pastamania for dinner, laughing singing, toking rubbish.... Den Mac for desserts.. once again, laughing, singing, toking rubbish... We decided to finally leave at almost 11 and Geetha and went back together.... Talking... Got home and tried to sleep... But just cudnt... i had a series of nitemares and i am trying hard to recall wat it was abt... So here i am at work without any sleep like a zombie...

Read an entry on a particular blog... Abt drunk indian men being bas*ards... But in my opinion, most indian men are bas*ards whether or not their drunk!...*shrugs shoulders*

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Life has been a lil tough the past few days.. but i am coping.. thanks to the kind hearts i am surrounded by... Had an awesome time yesterday... doing wat i love to do... what else but singing... And for the first time i tried it with Vasu uncle's old life band... not the complete set though....A drummer, one played the SPD(i dunno if i am rite), One played the Bongo(???) Mahen uncle played the Keyboard and Vasu uncle was playin the MD player(hehe).. The singers for that evening... Guna,Karim uncle, Geetha(yeay finally she came and sang with Vasu uncle), another old band singer and maself....

We tried so many songs.. i felt bad for geetha cos we were trying out most of the new songs and only got to the old songs at the second half and she was getting bored... But i had so much fun singing with Karim uncle... its been a long long time... i will neba forget the nites we sang at King's pub... He is trully an amazing singer... Guna is the one who will be covering Kavin...But i still miss ma "world's fav singer" as wat someone claimed a long time back... Though i hate it when he sings his Kathal Valarthen again and again... he is the oni one i feel can do some justice to some of ma fav songs(new ones as old ones are always sung well by Karim uncle). let's see the songs we did yesterday....

The minus 1 tracks:

1. Karuppaana Kaiyaale
2. Thaliyae Thevayila
3. Dole Dole
4. Chella Peru
5. Bhoomiku Velicham
6. Partha Muthal
7. Namma Kaatula

The songs that were played by the band and Most of it were sung by Karim uncle and Geetha:

8. Anthi Mazhai
9. Varuthu Varuthu
10. Onnum theriyaatha
11. Thaai Maaman
12. Some hindi song

We are practicing for a function we will be singing at this saturday... and guess wat.. Geetha will be singing with us for the first time... Yeay... I realised i always introduce ppl close to ma heart to the band and Vasu uncle... numero uno... they also share the same passion with me... 2, i wanna do wat i love with the ppl i love... 3, its gives me more time to spend with them, 4, its juz to have fun... I hope the feeling is mutual...between me and the one i introduced... I dunno but i hope so...

A person can have numerous faces... And sometimes u oni noe one of the many faces the possess... and sadly most of the time its the nicer, friendlier, good face that ya exposed to... Yesterday, i heard abt the "other" face of this one person i have known for some time now... I mean they dun say the world is small for no reason,do they...? But i cant change my gud opinion abt him simply hearing all the things i did... it was indeed disappointing and upsetting but for the person i knew him as... and the way he has been to me, i guess i shall just stick to the way we are now... He has no great impact in ma life and so he shall be who he has been all this while in ma life... I jus wanna apologise to the other fren who had to see him after such a long long time... ( sorry to those who dun understand what this means.. its a personal issue and the one who needs to understand will...)

Was called up by my admin manager today... worrying tht she was gonna lecture me abt reading the newspaper for too long during my breaktime(yeah they do make a big hoohaa abt all this trivial matters here) i went down immediately to the General office... and i went into her cubicle.. she extended a letter with a smile on her face...

Yeap... I have been given an extension of ma contract till 2010 June... 3 more years... and the best part was i signed it without thinking... I mean i can clearly say that there is nothing for me to think abt... I haben got ma degree in hand... i cant go find a job in the hospital as ma pay wud be reduced to that of a fresh poly grad... that i cant afford now as i am paying off the loans i took to pay for ma earlier school fees installments... So the oni smart or wise thing to do was go with the flow and sign the darn contract... But the gud thing was... i got a 3 year extention when ma fren got oni a 2 yr... she claims that this shows that the appraisal that the school sent to the ministry for was very gud...Well i am glad they did... So i will be hear for at least another year before i move out and go into the field i have so much of passion for... How does

Punitha Murugathasan


Biomedical Research Centre,(Some hospital)

Sounds to ya? one of the many jobs i have in mind upon graduation.... we'll see... or maybe i shud heed ma mum's and get married to some guy she finds me... make that a rich guy... Oh well... the sleeplessness is getting to ma head... see u guys pretty soon...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Time for a quick update?

Hello ppl... i realised that ma entries are getting boring over the days... i wonder why.. or maybe i am just plain lazy! So wats been happening...? Panguni Ratham programme on Saturday, was so boring... 2 years back when we did the same programme, it was so fun with so many ppl... Kavin, Kesu, Monica, Gumutha,HIM and maself... (ok...............Punitha!"de Gee N Anee THA style)

So Saturday, woke up all weak and sick all thanks to the monthly misery every women goes thru... I guess ma blood level dropped drastically, which happens every other month.. So i was feeling all giddy and weak and was perspiring like no ones problem when it was raining monkeys and donkey and cold like dunno wat! Called Guna to take a cab and come fetch me at ma place... We got there at around 6 and started choosing songs that we wud wanna sing... The last time we chose the songs way ahead and had several practices and when we were practicing the Padi song.. He got a lil excited and started dancing like he was in trance and Gumutha and i burst out luffin... Sigh... So yeah... We were chooseing songs when we came to Ambigayae... and uncle smiled and looked at me... and i was like "u can call him if u wan to..." I mean, we maybe not talking( or maybe we still are?) but the band was a mutual thingey.. vasu uncle still does respect him, and believes he sings the song darn well... no one has to avoid anyone juz cos i am no longer "frens" with the person...Even i think he sang the song well! I appreciate talents no matter wat okie!!!

We ended up choosing, Saravana poigaiyil, Vinaayagane, Kundrathilae, Retcha Retcha, Jaya Jaya, Karpoora Nayagi (which we tried singing with the Karupaana Kaiyaala music and vice versa but wudnt dare do in the actual programme in fear of getting whacked with all the coconuts they had there for the prayers), Thaayai Sirantha... I mean come on la... we didnt have Kavin, We didnt have HIM... What other songs can we sing...They were the oni two who cud sing most of the other songs... Guna was very new to our devotional songs... so he cudnt sing much...But thank god there was a bajan group that went on singing(screaming) for hours so we ended up singing just 5 songs... After singing i left with aunty to go back to their place to watch pradhana vizha on tv... very disappointed with the best female singer... SHE SO DUN DESERVE IT!!! I dun mean i am a great singer but anyone can see gud from bad... I really thought Aananthi would get it this year... Aananthi is an excellent performer and from wat uncle has told me abt her, is an excellent artist who takes every show serious... Well hopefully she wud get it next yr!

Sunday was spent fruitfully at home, doing nothing... Oh wait.. i actually used it to spend some quality time with ma Velu puppy... I bathed him, fed him, played with him and put him to sleep... and i finished ma novel...

Geetha and i have been talking alot abt friendship... I mean u have a fren(or anyone who matters alot to u) who jeopardises the trust u had on him or her... U avoid the person, u are terribly angry with that person, u hate that person, u dun wish to have anything to do with the person... But u try to keep urself updated on wats happening in that person's life.... At one point of time, certain things make u wonder if that person is having any kind of problems or maybe that person is down.... What wud ya do? Stick to ur earlier decision or do wat u can to make the person feel better in a way or another? Yeah that person has spoilt everything... But what kind of a fren are u if u are not there when ur fren(or ex fren) needs someone the most ( or u feel so)? I have been put thru this situation before, when ma best fren(not referig to Vic here) and i split apart cos i believed she betrayed ma trust... But abt 2 years later when i found out that the person who was with her, the one person for whom she left all her frens actually dumped her... i cudnt stay away and luff at her bad luck or be happy that she had her retribution!... Isnt that sadistic..? isnt that being self-centered? She apologised to me for wat happened in the past and i did if i had hurt her in anyway and Today we may not be the best of frens... But she and i are frens again and we include each other in each other's joy and sorrow... To me this is wat frenship is at the end of the day!...

I send a hate message sometime back to a fren(or maybe ex fren)... "U dun have to thank me cos i still hate ya!" was the reply for a message i received from him... At that moment, i have to say i was overwhelmed by emotions that came gushin from i dunno where... But when i spoke to Geetha that nite... I realised i was just plain nasty.... I was not being the great fren i thought i was... You see, we tend to always mix up emotions with our intellects... As they always say.. when we think with our hearts, we tend to get carried away... But when we sit down and think with the brain... Thats when the right would seem right and the wrong would seem hell wrong...
Yeah i do feel bad... i shud not have said those words... and its no shame for me to apologise for those words( the one to whom this apology goes to...u noe who u are!) I'm sorry!

We care... We still do care... Its just that when the past come rushin back to our minds... we get carried away... But the frenship that has been buried by all this anger and disappointment which we misinterprete as hatred, is still there waiting to be dug out.... But first we have to acknowledge our mistakes... Our own mistakes... Than we can seek or give forgiveness... Thats what frenship is all abt right? no point in being stubbon and wanting to remain that way...

"Ur peace is just 1 word away... with a few clicks!"