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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tag board...

Hey ppl... i have come to a painful decision of removing my tag box with immediate effect... So pls leave me ur comments and hi's in my comment box juz like how smart Geetha has done in ma previous entry!.... Love to hear from u all! Take care!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Life goes on!

Hi all... The weeks are moving freakin fast... Finally, today i scraped my bank accounts of the last few withdrawable bucks left... as i'll be heading to school later to meet my lecturer, i thought might as well pay ma school fees... I realised the beginning and the end of something is always so tough... may it be ur first and last installment for school fees or watever la...

Geetha has been thinking alot abt the 26th... I guess she is the oni one whose reflecting back on it... i shud be thinking abt the 25th... First relationship... first boyfren(though i was his tenth)... But guess wat, i didnt even remember it till Geetha mentioned abt it... So wat? have i gotten over the whole shit...? Actually i have la.. i wun deny tat.. But every now and den the traumatizing moments neba fail to flash before me... But i am all well now... I hope so...

Back to Geetha... She is strong... She has her own style in every thing, from the way she leads her life to the way she eats Spicy food with Teh GajaI wonder how can anyone eat anything spicy with a hot beverage)... everything has her own style in it... I believe She noes wat she's doing... What she wants... What she don't... Her wound can onli heal over time.. and all i hope for is simply that...

So wat have i been up to lately... honestly nothing much.. meeting up alot with Vani and Geetha... But Vani's bf has a weird timing whereby everytime she is out with me he will be able to book out and the min he meets us, he will fetch her back... So yeah... I hope he will be willing to share her with me(nah nah nah... no silly feelings) shud they get married by next year... And Geetha plus Aneetha.. .Dinner, Pastamania and delifrance... I dunno wats up with us but we have been eating at all the italian or french places... okie lets see, the european food places... But The Prawn Riso is to die for.... really gud stuff...

OKie am back to singing i guess for a regular basis... Dinesh's(ma pri and sec days fren) family has a music band of its own... he and his bro play the keyboard his dad plays the guitar and SAXAPHONE... and even his mom has started learning indian classical music... Tok abt a musically inclined family... Geetha so wants a family like that for herself and so do i man...
So we went for the first prac last saturday after ma NTU singing competition in which i managed to get into the finals... Thats another story for another day... so ya Geetha and i went for the prac and sang songs like Germaniyin, Pothi Vecha,Paarkathe, Maina Maina and Vethalam Vanthirukuthu!...Extremely fun and satisfying... Cant wait for next week...

My own band prac was on Sunday and it was fun as always... Spoke to Kavin on the fone and that fellow is over spensing there in Thailand.. he will be back from the 25th May to 30th May... cant wait to see him... i guess thats all for now la.. See u all soon!
Y pay hundreds of dollars to drive one? We paid a dollar each to drive the "Ferrari"!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Un Sirippinil

The song i am crazy abt at the moment... For those who can apprciate good lyrics... Here's the song!

un sirippinil un sirippinil
en manadhin paadhiyum poaga
un imaigalin kan imaigalin
min paarvaiyil meedhiyum thaeya
hmm indru naetru endru illai yaen indha nilai
hmm unnai kanda naalirundhae naan seyyum pizhai
un sirippinil un sirippinil
en manadhin paadhiyum poaga
un imaigalin kan imaigalin
min paarvaiyil meedhiyum thaeya

unakkul irukkum mayakkam
andha uyarathu nilavai azhaikkum
idhazhin vilimbu thulirkkum
en iravinai paniyinil nanaikkum
edhirinil naan erigira naan
udhirndhidum mazhaicharam neeyae
oru murai alla mudhal murai alla
dhinam dhinam ennai soozhum thee

un sirippinil un sirippinil
en manadhin paadhiyum poaga
un imaigalin kan imaigalin
min paarvaiyil meedhiyum thaeya

mudhal naal paartha vanappu
thuli kuraiyavum illai unakku
urakkam vizhiipil kanavaai
unai kaanbadhae vazhakkam enakku
aruginilae varugaiyilae
thudippadhai niruthudhu nenjam
mudhal mudhal indru nigazgiradhendru
nadippadhu konjam vanjamae

un sirippinil un sirippinil
en manadhin paadhiyum poaga
un imaigalin kan imaigalin
min paarvaiyil meedhiyum thaeya
hmm indru naetru endru illai yaen indha nilai aha
hmm unnai kanda naalirundhae naan seyyum pizhai

Friday, March 23, 2007

Tada doooom....

Started on: 20/03/07 @ 1:39pm

I have been totally shut off from the virtual world for the past few days due to the breakdown of my office PC and most of u shud have known that ma home wireless connection has been down for months now(yeah yeah i noe,i shud do something abt it)...

Well what have i been missing out or rather u have been missing out... Nothing much i wud say... Ma exams ended last Monday... After all the last min mugging and prayin... i wudnt say it was the best paper i had in ma almost 2 yrs in the U...maybe it was the worst.. or maybe not... i have decided to not think abt it for now!

Stopped on 20/03/07 @ 2.02pm
Started again on 23/03/07 @ 11.08am

Sigh.. i juz cant get started on this... Well i seriously dun have anything interesting going on.. the usual stuff la.. i was on leave on last tuesday and friday which i spend with Vani and Gumz.. I had to do a major catching up with ma sleep.. all the mugging at nite made ma biological clock do a back flip and i was sleepless in the days after ma exams...

I finally found out where to buy tamil DVDs and VCDs in JB..(yeah i noe am slow) thanks to Vani la... i bought 4 VCDs in 2 weeks... And did i mention before that i am so in love with the song Un Siripinil from Pachai Kili Muthu Charam.. Its gives u the feeling like ur in this bar, all lightes dimmed, and in thew centre there's this gal in Spots with a Guiter on a high chair strummin away singing this song... I dunno.. it juz makes me feel so nice and relaxed... another song i am crazy abt now is Thaliyae thevayillai from Thamirabharani... Typical village ppl song where inter family marriage is highly recommanded and the song is all abt maman maga and magan love and all.. But its just super sweet and the music by YSR is cool...

Boy( in this context is ma beloved pet doggie), is very sick... Has been having loose motion for the past few days and is getting quieter by the days... His stool colour is getting darker and me being in the medical line... noe for a fact dark stool indicated possible bleeding in the guts... the poor fellow cant even voice out the pain he is in and it just sadden us to see him like this... Took 1/2 day off today... gonna take him to the animal clinic at Sunset Way... I have tried to rehydrate him with the oral electrolyte thingey Feza got me.. but i need to find something to stop his diarrheoa(screw the spelling).

Lemme see... Ma sis in law's youngest sis attained puberty some 2 weeks or a month back and as most of u indians out there noe.. a gal attaining puberty is a call for some kind of celebration( still bugs me why this is so) in the indian or rather the tamil community... and this means the uncles, rather ppl who will in a way is a brother for the mother of the gal in particular will have to do this thing called "seer"... which is notheing but plates in odd numbers as in 1 plate or 3 plate or 5 plate...etc etc... of things la.. like saree, bangles, fruits, flowers and all the usual things ppl need for a typical indian function... And on top of this would be a pc of gold la.. anything gold like earrings, rings, chains etc etc... So ma dad being a 'mama'(this is wat they call them) had to do the 'seer' and so ma sis in law and i set off to do the shopping.. actually Vani and i did most of the shoppin and Anni and i shopped together just for the gold... The sadangu(the ceremony) went well....

Prior to that on friday i got a car and Vani, Kuchi, Vic and I set off for a whole night of driving around before we settled for Vani's cousins chalet at changi... We den drove back on Saturday morning... Saturday after the sadangu, i sent ma family back and drove down to East Coast for ma U class chalet... Had a great chance to bond with ma classmates, most of them with whom i hardly tok... After two nights of not sleeping, Sunday morning's drive from ECP back home was a torture as i was dying to shut ma eyes... I hit the sack de min i reached home...

Milky called us again 2 weeks back... he has a tendency of doing the disappearing act.. But we always loved him and i am so glad that today i can tok abt so many things with him yet not feel awkward abt it... I am so glad that he is doing his deg and is enjoying his job and has taken a big step in his life... I really wonder why any gal wud not accept his love when he has been sincere abt her for like years... Well.. maybe she got her own explaination but all i have to say wud be.. "gal ur losing something u neba shud!"...

Perfomance bonus has been announced... Haiya 1/2 month again...With the school fees due in less than 2 weeks, this sum is nothing but pathetic... though am glad i wun have to beg any one to lend or loan me money to pay ma fees any more... the thought of just gving away the bonus without spending a single cent of it on the things i want is quite saddening... But on a brighter note, this would be the last fee installment and its all for ma future so i juz gotta hang on there for just another month and everything is gonna fall back into place... Ma contract with MOE wud be ending this June and ma boss is oredi panicky if i am going to resign... Well i noe i cant for now or at least till i get ma papers in hand... I rather start the new job as a fresh U grad than as a fresh Poly grad.. trust me the difference is worth at least 5oo bux...

Oh before i forget... i met up with the 2 boring 'tha's'.. in case ur wondering geeTHA and aneeTHA for dinner on Tuesday night... They and their boring stories... *yawnz* thinkin abt it itself makes me sleepy... but wat to do... They have done gud for me in ma life and so i have to entertain them... How sad is that... So gals.. i bet ya reading this... when can we go delifrance again n eat baked rice with the waffle ice cream and after that play Pyrimid Game???

A has been reflecting alot abt A's past....
B has been reflecting alot on B's mistakes yet dun wanna say sorry!
C has been trying to help B but B is juz too stubbon
D is writting poems abt the whole situation...

Thats as much for ABCD!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Da fone!

1) What does the first message in youroutbox say?> Gud to hear that pray hard she confirms it.

2) What are the last 3 digits of yourmobile number?> 317

3) What does the 2nd message in yourinbox say?> Lying down, no appetite to eat

4) Who's the first person who comes upunder the letter M?> Mages

5) Who's the last person you rang?> Vani

6) Who was your last missed call from?> Janet

7) Who's the 2nd person who comes upunder D?> Dave

8) What does the last message in yourinbox say?> My stomach's killing me,u gals carry on, will call ya tomolo after ma project,Nitez!

9) Who comes up under J?> Jacky

10) Go to your Sent Items - what doesthe 10th message say?> A long message to milky regarding a police car accident!

11) Who's the 4th person who comes upunder S?> Satya annan

12) What's your network provider?> Singtel

13) How many messages are currently inyour inbox?> 18

14) What do you have as your wallpaper?> A pic of ma princess and me...

15) Who's the 2nd person who comes upin r?> Ramesh

16) Who do you have on speed dial 3?> -

17) Who is the last person under P?> a fellow Punitha...from SP

18) Who's the first person who comes upunder C?> Castle aka ma home

19) How many bars of signal do youcurrently have?> 2

20) What do you have as your main ringtone?> Indian gal - Yogi B -Vallavan

I am totally bored and lazy to do up a proper entry.. this on to entertain(i hope) those who religiously follow ma blog.. hehez...!